New gaijin card

Found this on the web…
Q: The new Residence Card contains an IC Chip. What information will be on the IC Chip?
A: Under Japanese Law, they are only allowed to record on the IC Chip the information that is written on the card. It will contain no other private information that is not already listed on the card.

Q: Who will be able to read the information on the IC Chip?
A: Anyone who has a “reader” will be able to view the information. Obviously, readers will be provided by the Immigration Bureau to all their offices, to all airports and to the police. The “readers” will also be sold to anyone who wishes to have one. One can imagine that banks and perhaps mobile phone providers will initially be the type of places who will buy the “readers”.

Anyone can buy a reader? This is plain daft! Anybody can buy a reader and read my info? That’s just ridiculous. the readers should be government controlled. Any twat can buy a reader and demand to read my card and I wouldn’t know who the fuck they are! Are they available for export?

Portuguese embassy in Tokyo and new ambassador’s apathy.

A week or so ago I run across a portuguese TV channel link and scrolling on the news about theTohoku earthquake there was a part where the new ambassador to Tokyo was talking .
Curious I clicked on that link and there it was a low key sneaky voice of our ” dear ” new so-called ambassador Jose Freitas de Ferraz.
Crap about how the embassy staff called and contacted every portuguese citizen living in the Tohoku , Kanto area were alive and kicking and how the Japanese authorities also assured the old man that no Portuguese were hurt or missing blah , blah ….
Well, guess what , THIS portuguese citizen WASN’T contacted by the old geezer Freitinhas de Ferralho, Huhioka the infamous old Japanese twat that can’t speak portuguese with a proper accent even though she has been taking it in the mouth for decades. Nor even Haruko Unno NOR the toilet licking cleaning woman NOTHING / NADA . No phone call nor email . NOT A F$¥KING whisper.
Adding the fact that I, an above knee amputee, can not enter the embassy building in Kojimachi since there is no ramp to allow my wheelchair to enter the place, those Portuguese diplomatic leeches , because they are in the other end of the World , have
green card to f$¥ck around pretending they are busy and going their racketeering with Diplomatic impunity for ever since I have known. And it isn’t only the Embassy , but the Kobe underlings too .
When I cool down , I will write all what I know about these racketeering fat cats and might even enjoy disclosing about ICEP or Portuguese like CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WHEELING AND DEALING in tow .
Right now I gotta keep my cripple arse out of radioactive rain, winds and dust and watch out for contaminated necessities like milk , veggies or even water and ignore the Japanese Government lies told by a pudgy TANUKI or coon dog and a lawyer at that, called Enano ( Spanish for DWARF ) or an ugly dude with bad skin ( Tokai Mura native perhaps ? ) and his equally oily dirty helmet like hair piece pretending he knows all about radioactive disasters while, according to some sources he goes on porking some fat Twat member of staff. Not to forget the sc¥mbag-in-chief KHAN or ” KARAKAHN ” prime minister. All lying and contradicting themselves too often daily. F¥ck them.
From my ambassador to Japanese governmental jackals lies, the simple truth is that I, you and everybody else in Kantoh to say the least , are FUCKED !!!
Scroll down past the old geezer’s official ‘ GOOD OL’ BOY portrait and checkout the message I just sent him and his rat pack . It’s in Portuguese , sorry .
Needless to say, apart from the bullshit protocol reply, no true concrete reaction EVER came. It never does anyway. Those thieves are too busy counting their tax payers filched shekels to give a Damn about yours truly…

Nada do velho Freitas nem da Embaixada de Tóquio .

No dia 17 de Março recebi esta mensagem automática, depois de protestar Q embora eu estou doente e tive a minha perna direita amputada , a Embaixada não me chamou mesmo Q seja para me perguntar se estou bem ou não. Esses gajos sempre foram manhosos e o prédio aonde se encontra essa toca não se pode entrar com uma cadeira de rodas … Bem malandros esses gajos e sonsos . Essa frase do ” departamento adequado ” tár a processar a minha mensagem etcetera e tal é bem hipócrita deles. O velho Freitas e a malta dele ou deram o pira pra Macau ou tão viajar por aí… A ver se o ” DEPARTAMENTO ADEQUADO ” pára de comer macacos e me respondeu ANTES Q eu decida de visitar Kojimachi com o alto falante Q eu tenho e outros amputados como eu . “A sua mensagem foi enviada com sucesso e será processada pelo o departamento adequado. Assim que possível, terá a resposta na sua caixa de correio.”

Tokyo Itabashi-ward privacy breach and abuse.

Last month, February, Saturday 19th, I got the message ( document #1 )bellow from the Disaster Prevention (防災課) BoSSaika section in Itabashi-Ward in my post box .

Indignation and rage immediately resulted in counter-reacting by fax as document #2 shows.
In a nut shell, Disaster Prevention BoSSaika Section somewhere in that semi ruined ward office, ( never seen nor met those rats in my life ), gingerly informed me that MY private data kept by the Welfare and Health (福祉課) department had been disclosed without MY permission NOR advance warning of such intention. BoSSaika wrote and hinted two things that made me see red ; One: was that they were acting on the orders of Tokyo Metropolitan Government ( fuck-face scumbag Ishihara’s goons typical move ). Two: was that if I didn’t agree nor liked to have my PRIVATE DATA used like the Metro government wished and had a complain, to do it by FeBRUARY 28, two weeks from the day the letter was written. Notice that , as is it their usual style , BoSSaika’s blackmail (脅し) message , has no day written in it … Back to the disgraceful Death Note , That they BoSSaika, would REMOVE me from their list and therefore ( this between lines ) if the shit hit the fan , I wouldn’t be helped by Tokyo’s fire brigade rescue boyz since I didn’t agree with the Welfare and Health department’s BREACH of MY privacy as it was agreed when I got my handicapped /disabled card .
I have been going to Itabashi ward office many times for these past 5 years to ask them what exactly were the measures towards helping the elderly and the disabled when the BIG ONE will eventually hit Tokyo and for that mater the whole of Kantoh area ? BoSSaika has been often stressing all of us during their fancy money wasting bullshit MASQUERADE ” Disaster Prevention Day ( 防災の日)” where all those fancy trucks and big boyz went around parading en masse around the main Tokyo areas of Nagata-cho, the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Harbor , that shit hole Odaiba and rat infested Shinjuku where the
ugly Metropolitan Building is situated .
Why no DAMN show in the ward I’ve lived for 15 years nor any other downtown areas ?
Why our money leeching CHONAIKAICHO ( neighborhood association fat cat ) never ever bothered to come by not even once although my place is right in front of his greedy snout? WHY the fancy 50 odd pages expensive paper , not even recycled paper , manual that his minions distributed around everybody in the area except for the building I am living although we were FORCED ( apart from me since I decided to boycott their extortive tactics a couple of years ago ) pay money to fill up his and his bum boyz and wives deep pockets ? He and his rat pack often goes on trips to Onsen ( Spas ) and waste the money filched from people and from equally leeching gimmicks like the Road Safety Prevention Tents used mostly by those jackals twice a year and their friends to drink beer and gossip WHEN they ever bother to show up on weekends . Not to forget their short bouts in Winter time when they go in small groups of 5 or 6 ass holes clacking sticks and shouting HIIII NO YOUJIN (火の用心) ” beware of fires ” every hour for three rounds since every round they hide in a nearby company garage that belongs to one of them to drink Japanese Sake , gobble food and smoke merrily away , courtesy of the ward’s tax payers. By the time they pass by my window red faced and sort of jay walking with goofy smirks for the third time , I know those great vigilantes aren’t coming back till next evening, IF the weather isn’t too cold or the SAKE runs out..(最低, SAITEI, a disgrace). Most of Tokyo wards, apart from Setagaya/ Meguro and Shinagawa wards where most of the rich scum, their whores and concubines par excellence are living, will never see a shadow of the BOSAI-NO-HI Gozzila fighting squads. Just not worth the bother .
Even a gaijin like me learned that EVERY time the cops ,governmental puppeteers or any fat TANUKI says or uses the words ” TRUST & PREVENTION ” simply means they are planning to extort money , sweat , blood and tears from the ever silent majority of the Japanese public, since there simply is NO FUCKING prevention nor preventive measures per se BUT only after the fact slow reaction . THUS every year we are plugged with Influenza , NORO VIRUSES , ORE ORE SCAMS , You name it and we get it all type of crap and PAY an arm and a leg and more than too often with human lives too .
Just look at what’s going on right now : We are being lightly or heavily contaminated with Radioactive winds , rain and food . You do the math .
When I popped the same question EVERY time I went to the ward office I got sly looks and sealed lips as a response followed by smirks behind my back when they thought I wasn’t looking . They forgot that there were glass doors and fancy moldy show cases acting as rear mirrors…
All of a sudden those brain lazy nose picking good-for-nothing monkeys woke up , broke the privacy rules and spewed my private data like I am nothing but a fucking retarded gimp.
I know for a fact that they do it all the time, but at least they pretended to respect the imposed ” rules ” and I am sure others in the same situation as I if there are any.
” Weird ” I said .” Why now? ” said my building janitor and the vegetable shop old geezer and others I showed the letter to. KIMUCHI WARUI !! ” Gives me the willies” others said.
Wada my case worker, a fancy name for governmental spy and snitch I got to admit , she does all the snitching with some panache , unlikely the bitch I kicked out and had a full scale war for a year ( BUT that will be another story ) she,Wada, confessed she never heard of such a move nor that my private data was so freely thrown to the wolves AND without her knowing it . After all she is my case worker right ? My representative as well as that of 70 other semi-helpless , half dead Health and Welfare ready to pluck turkeys . I take WADA’s remarks with a pinch of salt . Wait , a first full of salt would be better . She is, after all, paid by the Health and Welfare Jackals to keep me under watch with her monthly useless visits .
Nobody around me EVER heard of such a rouse . Is it only the Gaijin that are handicapped or have physical disabilities ? Might be . None of the Gaijin with disabilities I knew received the same FUCK YOU letter .
I decided to phone the BoSSaika asses and pop the same questions all over and by asking too that if I disagreed with their’ take it or leave it GIMP ‘ extortive blackmail will I be selected to fence by myself in case of fire or the BIG Quake came ? Would my area fire station simply let me croak while, when not washing and waxing their jalopies, they go around screwing their Chink , Korean and Philippine whores, kept on playing Pachinko or even gambling with the Bakuto Yakuza ever present in my ward ?
On the phone the BoSSaika KUSSOU AMA. The old TWAT told me it wasn’t her idea . ” Is
she hearing me right? Can she assume that I am not happy with my privacy being breached ? Is she right in ASSUMING that I WANT my name and data erased from the BoSSaika manual ? Am I unhappy with it all ?”
I simply replied her in Kansai dialect ; ARE YOU THREATENING ME YA FUCKING OLD COCK SUCKING TART ( SHOMBEM GEISHA , piss drinking geisha )???
Use that syphilis infested tiny brain of yours . Do you think I am calling asking for a GOOD explanation just to listen to your raspy cock sucking voice ??
The pox on you , the BoSSaika aSShole-in-chief Tanaka , the ward office KUCHO and all of you lazy bums in general . I CURSE YOU ALL and you will remember this call sooner or later .
Almost three weeks later , a magnitude 9.4 Quake HIT TOHOKU / KANTO areas. Almost souls are dead or feared dead, Many swiped away by a big Tsunami . Thousands were left homeless, People died from abandon in an hospital in Ohkuma, Fukushima within a 5 kilometer perimeter from the crappy faulty nuclear plants , abandoned dead or dying by hospital staff .
Food, fish , water, vegetables, milk ARE contaminated while the Japanese Government in tandem with the TEPCO assholes keep on lying regularly to the public. ALL IS WELL the clowns including big KAHN the human trash keeps on saying.
JUST now it was on the news that the so-called HYPER fire brigade had evacuated the nuclear reactors area FAST since black smoke was seen billowing from the trash damaged plant , when just a couple of hours ago the same TANUKI ex-lawyer and puppet ” Shorty ” EDANO assured us all that things were under control. Not to worry about thing. Keep calm and go about slaving , fornicating and worrying like you often do .
死人に口なし The dead don’t talk ! Is what we all gotta read between the lines when as time passes it will turns out the J government is lying thru it’s teeth with the MEDIA in tow.
Obama HuSSein Bin Laden is telling his devastating hordes of redneck Armed Forces to be ready to escape , while the French , the only ray of light in this fucking MAIHEM ran back to their perfumed brothels and dog pooh infested cities alleys .
Stay there . As in FOREVER . We and the Japanese people don’t need you .
Hope we all live long enough to boycott French products and hunt down these yellow bellied maggots as they eventually crawl back here on their bellies like they usually do. Even a French woman that has been working for NHK two decades, left her post with only a few hours notice and flew back to where she belongs with her brats in tow. I want to tell her GOOD RIDDANCE as well.
I bet she will come back soon and expects to get her old job back. I sincerely hope that NHK compliance goons will tell her to FUCK OFF.
I will go around begging , bribing and stealing airport embarkation lists and publish them in this blog for all to see. Same for my Embassy lying creeps now in Macau and Shanghai having a ball… SHAME on you all .
NOT a whisper from neither the piss drinking tart I had my “love” chat with , no reply to my fax, nor even a ” ARE YOU ALRIGHT ?” from my case worker WADA , BO-SS-AIKA, CHONAIKAICHO , near by KOBAN , Embassy. NOTHING !!!
From now on THOSE SEWER RATS will hear from me regularly . I will expose whatever scams they have been doing for as long as I have been here and that goes for the Cock-SS-aika buzzards too .
Regular blogging with as many pictures or Utube short films will be uploaded as I become the more pissed and stressed with TEPCO’s daily threats to induce power cuts on the Media in general and NEVER doing it.
JUST DO IT !!! You FUCKING clowns . OR SHUT THE FUCK UP . YOU and the AC blood sucking leeches popping out every 7 minutes on TV driving us all mad with their KoKoRo crappy adverts .
JUST – FUCKING – DO – IT ! And pay the CONSEQUENCES when your time comes . AND come it will .
* Bellow the two documents I wrote about it seems ages ago :
Dcument #1 : BOSSAIKA BALCKMAIL (脅し) LETTER in Japanese:

Faxed reply to the BoSSaika despots :
不安です !!!

February 24, 2011 12:28:26 PM GMT+09:00

今までそんな態度だったのに、急にデータをだせといわれても、弱者の私の情報が安易に流出すると、それこそ物騒なことに成り兼ねないではないか。私がお世話になっているケアマネに名簿のことを聞いてみたら、知らないという。私はとまどったので、区役所の人に 安易にデータをだすのは怖いというと、「お客さんがいやならださなくていい」と簡単に即答された。名簿にデータをのせないと、災害時に救出されなくてもしかたがない、といわれたかのようで 不安になる。お客さんという言い方も違和感を感じる。
名簿対象者に福祉サービスを利用する人が多いなら、少なくともケアマネなどに 名簿をつくることを知らせるべきではないか? 区役所に行ったりお知らせに簡単にアクセスできない人にとって、日頃接するケアマネなどが、区役所や社会との貴重な窓口になっているのが実情なのだ。今回の防災対策は、区の福祉部と連携がとれてないということが明らかになったので、名簿にのっていないと、助けが来ないのだなあと 不安がますますつのる。

F. Antonio Ferreira より
 アントニオ フェレイラ “


Post-quake obituary (訃報) to a drinking buddy.

I used to have a friend.

We drunk long nights away , sang at the Champions 500 yen one coin stand bar till day break. We used to meet at least once a week sometimes even more .

From good old noisy nights outside Shinjuku’s Kirin City , to the Dubliner’s nearby .

We discussed from pussy to serious maters . We mourned a good Fijian lady full of life and passion death due to cancer. We observed the Pub’s counter fauna of rascals , horny fat gouty Gaijin, Nigerian scamming rats, violent drunken with violent streaks towards weaker or quieter people like Mad Jock the Scott . We puffed on cigars from mean crappy ones to Cohibas. We just stood there and drunk till we got fed up at the expensive booze , Suzuki the TWAT’s drunken horny crap and Jeremy the cadaverous lush that had one too many. We teased the Cricket maniac Aussie bartender ( he also disappeared long before the quake without as much as a whisper ) and left the joint vowing NEVER to return, but breaking our vows as regularly and as often . The Frog Philipe guzzling away on almost straight gin tonic and trying to scam punters with his acceptable bullshit . Rain , snow, Summer muggy heat nights, typhoon season winds , would never stop us from meeting there at the same place and go thru the same drunken routine … Sometimes we went to a nearby tachinomiya joint or to Piss Alley by the JR railway tracks and got a belly full on cheap sleazy food and equally cheaper booze . Tori-en comes to mind .
Other times but rarely we met at What the Dickens and listen to low level gaijin bands and just chilled out . Went as far as that pub in Ueno , the Celt where Andy a drug addict and alcoholic met his needs selling booze he often never paid the liquor suppliers till the suppliers got fed up with his bullshit and called the Yakuza Debt collectors . Andy being the sleazy coward he is would somehow cough up the money , not all of it , for he needed a fix , but just enough for the Yakkie to leave . The Celt too was where another SCUMBAG mentioned in this blog and my Website, coke head , liar, pimp, low life Mounty ” worked ” for a short time till he convinced a not too bright Hotlips to marry him, only to dump the bitch just as soon as he wasted her money and more . Nice rat Mounty is … Takes one to know one and no wonder Andy sort of took Mounty under his stinking wing .
Yes. I had a friend .
He visited me when I was just out of ICU after had had my limb chopped off . He soon found far away pastures in the Philippines . Fresher and cheaper Poontang ,Booze, Faggs , Eccentric expats either on the Lam or just staying for the same reason us my friend’s and found out that he could do the job he did here using his lap top .
” I’ll be in and out often . Let’s meet for coffee and food ” said he . And for a short while he would indeed returned to Edo and found time to chat away with me . He even sent me pictures of that faraway paradise according to him .
I HAD a friend.
BUT , like many a ” friend” I had before I chopped my limb off and after the quake , the friend hasn’t even bothered to ask if I was alright . An email would be good enough .
Nearly 2 decades of friendship , or so I would call that , and my ” friend ” never bothered with a simple question many asked me. EVEN my enemies did ask after the big shaker on March 11th at 2:46 PM hit Kantoh : Are you alright ?
NAHH . Not one crocodile tear shed from my dear friend .
In the end , I started to worry that he might have kicked the bucket … Waited for that email or phone call for 12 days and even before the shaker .
Like rescue squads know only too well , it is impossible and a miracle to find anybody alive after all this time .
No such a thing as miracles . Thus now I am writing this long obituary to my old British and buddy : PETER RICHES.
I wish I knew how to recite the Mourners Kaddish since my friend was of the Jewish faith .
FAREWELL, AU REVOIR, ADEUS etc … Old friend.

>Got the idea by now??


You get the idea why I am Grumpy? Can you take the constant pain I am going thru often without taking pain killers or Alcohol? Do you understand when I say ” life’s Short “?

It’s not infectious to others but that’s diabetes . IF I make it for ten years I will be invincible. That is why I made my ten year vow and live a Spartan or almost Spartan life. The trinity : no booze, no smoking, no rich food binges, keeps me alive to some extent.

There are other diabetes related Dark Shadows in my body lurking hidden. I don’t have to confess them all to you do I. Not even Wifey knows them. I hide them using my Devil’s face instead of a poker face. The point is the BRAIN. I keep it more in less in shape by debt collecting, exterminating scum AND trying to win over my fear of computers. Those things keep me from contemplating the easiest way out. Self termination. Got the idea by now??

>I am Ojiki. Or am I?


Ojiki, in Italy they call them Vecchio Consiglieri. An old counselor, a title of respect for a mafiosi that survived a life of HELL and is semi-retired. He advises new goons on the facts of life and acts as a grandfather sort of figure.

The Yakuza now call me that.

They went as far as proposing a honorary Ojiki tittle thus I can use a couple of drivers, slaves at anytime and have a monthly pension. As for other non-Yakuzas with this title, I only know one that died of old age that had had this honour. I can also get a pension of 2 million per year till I croak, courtesy of the syndicate in Kobe.

” I’ll think about it ” is the answer I give them EVERY year for the past four years.

In life you never know and IF I become a vegetable the young goons will come in handy to pull the plug; no way I will submit to the indignities of have to get my arse wiped or fed with a tube. My elder daughter agreed to pull the plug or be my KAISHAKU like she said. Yakkies do come handy.

Last week in Toyosu, I went to the yearly BONNENKAI at the ” library “. It’s a big warehouse not far from Kachidoki bridge. 7 or 8 rows of long tables, goodies galore with number tags on them. Rolexes, Dunhill gold lighters and lots more were auctioned fast before the Buffet started, later leading to 2010 hottest TORITATEYA tales of ” heroism, wit and horror” and finally Nationalistic, old fashion DŌ-ENKA songs from Kitajima Saburo etc. Young aspiring guys and a very few females hauled trays of food and took the empties etc away to bring in new goodies like lobster, crab and meat etc….

I wondered why these guys accept my presence ever since Paris days when I guided them and their relatives decades ago. Nice, weird tribe and they, apart from a few, never got thrown in the slammer. Just kidding or trying to. Shysters too were there. The ones that use the law to break and make tons of money. Suddenly Ishimaru and the DaiGashira from Sumiyoshi Rengo stood up and saluted me, my lack of greed, wiseness and a lot more crap I never knew I had and called everybody to salute the BUDŌ KIBA OJIKI for showing them new simple ways and non physical but mental pressure blah , blah , blah… 1oo and so rascals shouted KAMPAI and I thought I was gonna be offed afterwards. ” So be it ” I was relieved in a way.

Four hours later the party was over, some even had brought Italian sports cars and more luxury items into the “auction”. Somebody suggested a bout of Hanafuda, I bid my goodbyes and see yous around my pockets full of MEISHI with “family” crests on them. The MC in charge, Tomari, called me and put a fat envelope on my hand and a couple of open go return tickets first class to Europe by JAL vouchers. Knowing very well I would refuse politely but firmly as usual and exited.

The word OJIKI is what it means: an old, respected semi-retired, honorable Yakuza. THAT I obviously am not since no vows were ever taken. I will put the Kanji name besides mine. Not many Japanese know the meaning of Ojiki and even I doubt if I ever will anyway. Still, beats those old Takakura Ken Yakuza movies by a mile. Believe it or not.

>Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!


It was on the American Forces radio: from tomorrow a Jewish Holiday ( name I can’t remember ) will start. It seems that those of the Jewish tribe, light up Menorah with 8 burning candles by the window. The fire fighters URGE the ditto Tribe members to keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water near the Menorah in cases it burns the curtains or whatever is nearby the Menorahs that can catch fire easily.

Well, I got news for you Jews and fire fighters alike: We Gentiles also have easy to cause fire non-Menorah artifacts. They are called iPods, iPads, iPhones, iMacs, iPowerBooks Pro and non Pro alike all courtesy of Blow Jobs Stevies and the Chink Goonies in Silly C$%t Valley, Cupertino, Kaliphornya. Believe me iShit you not. Haul a miniature fire extinguisher or a water pet bottle since a bucket would be hard to carry even in the infamous Tokyo Metro.

Happy Holiday and Mazel Tov !!

>A password for Blondie


During a recent password audit, it was found that a

blonde was using the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password, she said

she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters

long and include at least one capital.