>Two days have gone


Hey there Svenska a$$ ;
You can’t keep a simple promise nor tell the truth even once.
How can you shed crocodile tears and expect respect without earning it like everybody else?
I guess that hopping for a miracle is not possible with sewer rats the likes of you, your fat cats in Sweden, the military buzzards controlling Pinang Medical and your J boyfriend and snitch Murata Naotsuke here in Japan.
People that are following my blog simple wrote “You really didn’t believe that rascal did you ?”
Being the usual old fashion sucker I REALLY hoped that there was a tiny wee bit of a decency trait in that soulless carcass of yours OR at least that somebody in your crappy company had and pressed your snout close enough to the dung pile you often tread on and make you do a decent deed for a change.
You and that cartel of yours are the disgrace of the human race.
Yours very sincerely


>You and Sagami’s Murata amongst other parasites are EXACTLY what we younger generation of people with disabilities here in Japan are getting together to get rid of.

For too long other poor souls have been made fun of and treated like minorities to be hidden, used and sucked out of their hopes, health and wealth thanks to crap like yours AND I am not talking about the damn shower stool only.
You and your military Malay boyfriends can shove your dead stock up where you shove your rubber bed toys. No more silent lamb like disabled waiting to be pushed into slaughter houses.
Impolite? You haven’t seen nothing yet ” Dear “. Did you expect respect after the lies you’ve given me and God only knows how many other poor bastards with Etac Swift Shower stool shards up their miserable arses?
You copied and pasted the same prima dona crap you shamelessly sent me and keep on sending ….
Two days you say?
Tell me ” Dear ” , why does it take that long to copy and paste the next bunch lame lies? Going on a cruise with the Pinang Medical in that Crocs yacht? Or help tearing down more forests and shoot a few Orangutans for trophies perhaps?
That cesspool that maggots like you wallow in stinks to high Heaven.
Impolite you said ?
You a f$%king disgrace to the human race. Forked tongue et all. ” Dear “.

>The ETAC Saga continues

>By saying ” I didn’t mean that you are the only case ” you mean that I won’t be able to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the only case in that crappy Swift Shower Stool made in Malaysia???

Now you’ve pi$$ed me off!! I haven’t entered in contact with that p$%&k Murata at all – HE BARGED IN UNINVITED with the person I DID ask to come. As it was freezing outside I let him come in my entrance area.
I see that that snitch broke the promise NOT to contact your K.L. brothel till Sagami’s so called ” Experts ” gave me an opinion too.
You, your dumb Swede pals and malay military Pinang ” Medical ” creeps think you are smart and that I am playing games – you are f%&king wrong. You shouldn’t have gotten the pictures I took till I was satisfied with your sham. Sagami kept on saying EXACTLY the same lies you did and still are: that they never had a claim like mine, not even once. So did the woman on the phone : she claimed that the seat was unbreakable and would last for at least five years. I taped the whole conversation and today’s circus too. Tomorrow I will take the seat to the Consumer complaint desk and am going to raise a stink.
Let’s see what the Media in that grey country of yours, Australia and other neighborhood countries will do when I am I disclose your whole crappy sham. Etac has turned out to be a bunch of sneaky crooks selling low quality stuff hand in hand with that CROC of shit Pinang Medical bunch of goons.
While I am at it, I will take care of Murata’s hearing too.
I can see that you and snitches like Murata are sharing the same Rubber toys in bed.
F%&king bunch of leeches feeding on others misery, that is what you are .