Money filching NHK director Kurazaki in cahoots with Yakuza.

KURACHAN the sleaze. Cheating , lying and thieving NHK Director.

An insight of NHK and the basics :
I worked in the early 90’s with Kurazaki Eiki aka KURACHAN. A director mainly for NHK Osaka on programs like ” Anata no Machi no Gaijin ( your city Gaijin ) at first then as the program became popular due to my underworld and unique local connections , Kurachan and I were sent to Tokyo to work on a then never ending , so it seemed, NTT’s doctored used telephone Cards racket manned and sold mainly by “unemployed” Iranians under the auspices of local Yakuza and Okachimachi, Tokyo NTT turncoat big wit that furnished, at least in my case, the Iranian gangs with the necessary ROM cards , I think they were called those days, crucial to recharge used , doctored NTT telephone cards collected by the homeless in main train stations and sold to brokers for 10 yen a piece . The brokers in turn sold them to Iranian Cappos for 25 yen and the Iranians in Ueno and Yoyogi Parks mainly, sold them to Dekassegi foreign workers were enable them to make long distance calls to Peru , Brazil , Venezuela , Nigeria or anywhere they wanted in Japan and abroad for 100 yen a piece. 1990 till as late as 1995 saw a free for all sort of uncontrolled mayhem of these cards black market all over Japan.

In the end, many Japanese became the main clientele since the J cops stopped mostly foreigners that looked hungry and ragged , but feared Iranian gangs that were known to carry long knives on their backs ( true or not, I never saw one ) and wouldn’t hesitate to use those shivs when trapped. Unless the cops came out in force , mostly when the television was standing by , same for the so called Guardian Angels that went around in packs of ten or more , that often surrounded a couple of Iranians on Center Street Shibuya and ” confiscated” the cards in bundles , An illegal move since none of those cowboys were Ministry of Justice employees. But the Iranians at first didn’t know their rights either . a few months later they DID learn about that simple rule of engagement courtesy of Yakuza and their shyster lawyers counseling. Only of course IF these red beret clowns were in big groups , the cops were near by AND mainly Television cameras were focused on them were they agressive enough to go thru with their charade.
Thus , young people and suited business men alike , became the main source of income of the new style ” KAMPITER Cards ” or computer cards , the alias for the new fiasco grey phones NTT installed in central trouble spots of Tokyo . NTT were in denial that they had rotten apples amongst their stop echelon . Thus it lost BILLIONS more trying to staunch the profitable racket the cards brought the yakuza and high ranked Iranian Cappos, their mentors and puppeteers .
Most of the DEKASSEGI overstaying foreign workers were enclosed in sweatshops, Slavery factories organized by Yakuza brokers , their Customs pals and big wit companies like Hitachi under contract companies , were situated in rural areas of Saitama , still are , Gumma, idem, etc … Where green phones were available galore .
Now the same Hitachi and bigs corporation found a way around the illegal labour trade : They get local brokers in China rural areas and other countries to scout and engage them as KENSHUIN or trainees.
Same sweatshop conditions . Same salvery , BUT this time with the open blessings of of the MoJ and their YO-KUSSOU Japan bullshit programs, introduced by Gutless wizard of Oz lion like mane dumb fart Koizumi ex-Prime minister of Japan .
It got to the point that poor hungry and disrespectful Chink KENSHOIN go out in pack and bycicles and raid egg plant and other veggies field in nearby villages .
The local , since some of them has somebody related to them working for ( inspire the next) Hitachi . Some told my friend , that at least the Pakkis, Burmese or Nepalese were polite to the locals and didn’t raid NOR stole their field of the vegetables . They also said before wore the Nihon Saru that raided their crops . Now the Chinks. LOL !!
NTT never took care of their inner corrupt employed that for some reason as simple as being at the mercy of loan sharks , gambling debts , or whatever made them prey to the yakuza . Thus the new KAMPITER cards never stopped flowing in since the NTT douche bags still sold the newer ROMs to their regular tormentors or pals the Yakuza .
The KAMPITAR Cards even were more expensive than the analog ones, 2000 yen for a bunch of 1o while the older version and still in use in the countryside by the overstaying slaves still sold for half price .
KURACHAN somehow convinced NHK headquarters that HE could infiltrate these gangs and feed enough stuff to able popular program Close up Gendai series with prime time data .
All he needed was a guy he had ” under ” his wing called Antonio Tsudome and a tough cameraman called Ben. An thus we were sent to Tokyo , stayed first at a sleazy hotel in Komagome . I rode my Gold Wing with Nara plates , Kurachan and Ben with occasional baby assed future DESHI or disciples joined the fray inside the ROKE bus .
Under my information and an old Iranian friend of mine , not a thug but a hard working one , although in the end he were overstaying his visa. Ali Reza and me prowled Shin Okubo’s night streets , those days full of South American whores and their Iranian pimps. Real dangerous volatile streets and alleys in search of info . For that I invented and designed a tinny camera with VERY expensive pinpoint lenses inside a shoulder bag that now and then had to be replaced as not to rise suspicions from targets . Being somehow connected to the local yakuza thru other yakuza in Kansai helped tremendously . And since they knew that I wasn’t snitching to the cops on them nor was interested in their pimping racket , but after bigger and distant fish to snare, somehow news flowed in . KURACHAN because of his geeky and sweaty attire had to stay away from my field of operation coming near by Alta Shinjuku to furnish me with batteries and take the used tapes away for viewing at NHK’s editing room with Ben .
First program was mainly on the Iranian way of living the why so many Iranians suddenly flowed into the Japanese archipelago after the Iran Iraqi Ten year long war. About the Dorobou ichiba ( thieves market ) in Yoyogi Park on weekends where hundreds of hard working overstaying Iranians came to get a hair cut, eat their country’s food, buy old dog eared magazines and copies of videos in Farci their language, had they hard earned money smuggled to their relatives back home by ruthless Iranian embassy and persian carpet deallers. Many couldn’t even read or write , thus they took high risk of being caught by the ever present Immigration buzzards that were rapacious when their bosses at the Minstry of Justice told them to meet the yearly quota of deportations, to have letter writen and sent to their folks in the old country . It was a DOROBOU ICHIBA in a small scale . Mostly was a way to get news from home , buy return tickets from scumbag iranians in cahoots with and Iranian Embassy exploiter called BASHARDUST and an ex- SAVAK big wit in Bakurocho M.
A snitch for the Japanese police while making millions smuggling Pistachio nuts while inside these delicacies was Heroin. He also smuggled heroin impregnated persian carpets , all under the wing of Bashardust and the cops that turned a blind eye at their prime snitch . That guy although had a reward on his head by the new regime he managed to get Japanese citizenship, name et all . Had a couple of permanent body guards and a hotline with the Kohan security cops too . He also had his dirty gnarled claws in every pie , from NTT cards , Gold black market , Importing used semi stollen cars , bikes and house goods to Russian sailors that in turn sold them in Vladivostok for an enormous price , with another scumbag that directed a travel agency nearby Gotanda station…That travel agency guy was the one that visited Immigration offices hunting for poor hard working home sick wreks to sell them and fill up Volunteer deportation papers for a fee of course . You name it , those Iranian douche bags had it all … I still got a video of him M bullshitting Kurachan in his persian carpet covered ” office “.
A happy free for all …
The first program was a success . We went back to Osaka to do a short documentary on the Iranian drug pushers in the Minami , Naniwa district. Good ratings as well . another program was on an Afghani midget like guy with handle bar like long mustache that stole persian and Turkish carpets by the truck load and had two big Body guards with him. The program showed that it was an impossible task to her the Turkish trader in Istanbul.
It turned out he was on the not to secret wanted list by the Japanese police and Interpol as well for being the prime suspect in the murder of some Tsukuba University professor that translated Salmon Rushdie’s Satanic Verses into Japanese.
When I heard that , I decided it wasn’t worth the risk .
Hunting a carpet thief was one thing , but a well connected killer and a religious related one I told the people concerned , thanks but no thanks. Besides, they knew all along who the midget was and how dangerous he might be NEVER told me about it till I got the story for other sources . The Kohan were using me for live bait. FUCK THEM .
Of course due to my connections here and there things went smoothly for Kurachan , Okazaki his chief and NHK in general. And I was having my type of adrenalin induced shots.
As long as KURACHAN didn’t get too sleazy and greedy or somebody else didn’t try to bust my balls and sacrifice me as bait, I was truly enjoying myself.
We did a documentary on Thai whores in Minami . How the poor twats used uppers like Upjohn brand to forget the pain and stress they were under , although their pimp and master from Hokkaido was a fair type of PAPA and never beat them up .
It went well . Then a short stint in the Nara Prefecture area of Tsutsui and Tenri where Peruvians were being threatened and exploited by Shinning Path members using their relatives and wives as hostages to extort money regularly from these hard working folks. I ended up in Lima Peru checking out fake birth certificates of Nikkei of Japanese descendants. That is why most of the people blackmailed by the Sendero Luminoso goons couldn’t snitch to any cop either here in Japan nor in Peru since most of them bought fake birth certificates and were risking jail term or being killed by the Sendero.
Kurachan or NHK being the prima donnas they pretended to be would take the case but TBS did . I disclosed most of the scumbags here , put them on TV. Many managed to run away back to Peru where Fujimori El Chino was on a rampage trying to catch and terminate them once and for all .
The program had very good rates and that pissed Kurachan off since he was the one that opposed to go for it . Too damn scared to go to peru and live on the streets around the main Ayuntamaento or City Hall where most of the racket took place . This times I saw a few guns and knives for good measure , but I had my trump cards up my sleeves too .
Then by March we got ready for the second wave dedicated to the Iranian , NTT sham .
This time were had more members , I drove my Pajero Jaos truck and we came to stay in a Idabashi Weekly mansion joint .
I remember it was the day before the marriage between that clown the smirking something-no-mia and the foreign office twat that had a lot of tales of orgies during her Hawaiian days and her tiny stupid Terrier Chocolat. LOL !!
Cops stopped my Pajero just off Nagata-cho on our way to meet a snitch and almost took the truck apart for the simple reason it had Nara number plates, four high power roof lights a kanguru JOAS bumper and I must have looked like a nightmare with my grey urban fatigues and a bunch of cuckoo’s nest like rascal siting in the jalopy . Besides were were approaching the Metropolitan police headquarters .
Geeky Kurachan kept on yapping we were NHK finest , me and the other two kept on telling him to shut the fuck up and let the boyz in uniform and helmets have their day with the fucking truck and camera equipment .
30 minutes later satisfied we weren’t a team of armed terrorist on our way to bnag the future princess and here doggie chocolat , they told us to pack and go . I and BEN took about and hour on purpose packing everything tight ans safe while giving the boyz a Zamamiro ( fuck you) smirk while I remember Kurachan was in tears, bitting his nails and wiping his already milky white glasses between his wet oily finger and thumb , a sign he was frightened shitless of what I would do . He was right . I started to sing The Communist anthem and keep on asking technical question on the cops weapons scaring them as well . Gave them a baby about to cry face and demanded to try their riot helmet there and then and sat on the asphalt imitating a brat having a fit . A few minutes later stood up and did my Yoshimoto Kogyo trick ; SAH KONOGURAI NI SHITOKOU. AHHHH , SUKKIRI SHITA . Literally ; Ahh , I guess it’s time to go. Damn it THAT felt good. Ben nearly shat himself laughing , I shouted ABAYOOOO while hitting the pedal and leaving burn marks on the asphalt.
That was the talk in NHK for ages to come . Wanna bet the damn cops thing twice before they stop another gaijin ? But then again , no other Gaijin looks like me do they ??
Hard work and a lot of pussy footing followed by childish impossible demands by Kurachan that wanted MORE than it was possible without me to risk my snitch network , the law and in the end probably end up with one of them long shivs up my arse by the Saigo Takamori Statue on a dark night .
NO fucking way I told Kurachan while he was entrenched and bored in a nearby fourth floor first class view coffee shop .
He went bananas . Me and Ben decided to give him the camera bag and told him to haul his faggot arse and ” do it your fucking self you slime ball” .
The iranian snitch told me that that day I wasn’t welcome because they had to clear some shit between themselves , meaning some guy was gonna end up dead and floating on the Arakawa river . We wanted a much needed day off to clear the cobwebs , laundry and get stone drunk on cheap food and booze since out director-in-chief Kurachan although he had a good NITTO , daily expenses rate paid by NHK Admin under the control of a countability genius but twisted guy named TACHIBANA , was saving it for himself, FILCHING money unashamedly and beer , rice coupons plus taxi free notes we were supposed to bribe building janitors with since my favorite gimmick was to climb on roof tops and film the targeted perimeter and scouting it often for trouble makers or weird movements out of ordinary .
Later on I will tell why KURACHAN was ” Saving ” the coupons and how he used them .
Kurachan had no choice but haul his babyt arse and take the bag since he told us that our job was easy while the poor sod was sitting on his arse all day counting the daily money intake and plotting with Tachibana how to feed us even cheaper dinners .
We were finally able to enjoy a much needed day off or so we thought when in less than ten minutes a white faced , sweating rivers Kurachan barged in and nearly pissing in his pants told us how the Iranians surrounded him when he was asking stupid questions and pointing the bag at them while doing so . my snitch had so save him , even if Kurachan didn’t know him and asked him ” What are you doing with Antonio’s camera bag ?” ‘ I though I was gonna die when many of them ” killers ” surrounded me and started to touch my arse and going for my pockets too’ he said between snoot and tears .
” You can have the day off ” He told us after he cooled down and on our way to the Weekly Mansion . I was amused but the normally quiet Ben was boiling with rage and told Kurachan to open his shoulder bag . Not my camera bag . Kurachan did so and Ben took a wad of beer, rice coupons that geek hauled around . BEN told him that he was gonna hock them coupons and he and the crew would have fun in town . .
Kurachan protested , even tried to pull rank, but Ben told him to shut the fuck up or he would order the bus around and dump his arse from the moving transporter right in front of the Iranian pack and let him become their bum boy .
Kurachan licked his stingy paws and tearfully gave us his blessings . Ben took the coupons to a pawn shop early evening after we all had some rest and got 60.000 in cash . We were in for a much needed night out in Ikebukuro .
That’s it for now .Part two coming soon …
Kurachan , he filched of millions using my name to open and account under the blessings of NHK’s pencil pusher Tachibana and old speculator, and left wing , half assed convicted bomber and terrorist arrested in Canada scumbag and enemy Ohmura Toshio and now going GaGa elder brother and ex CEO of Yahata shoji Ohmura Mikio aka Ohmura Kon for his uncanny look alikeness to the comedian .
Ohmura Kon si in and out of detention and on trial for a variety of fraudlent scams.
Wife has left him buck naked without a cent . She also made sure that Hanaoka , Kon’s concubine from Matsuyama and formerly a real estate company not too bright broad lost everything too to her .
Scary and true the saying about betrayed women … Ohmura’s wife was a Kyoto Courtesan and nobody escapes a woman with that power and guts cold plain revenge . no wonder Ohmura Kon , once so cunning and intelligent is now a wreck and going senile.
Ohmura Kon used to be cool with me . Great tipper and I remember very well that morning morning 20 odd years ago at Matsuyama’s famous Spa Dogu Onsen . When he came out from the room next to the living room 20 or so of us were waiting , all pink and rosy with Hanaoka showing her milky tits to us all under her japanese sleeping kimono .
I thought that morning, while eating with all the thugs and rascals including the now dead, may he rest in HELL , Yoshizaki the goon that wanted to kill me , and thinking ‘ Great arse ‘ and how I wouldn’t mind to bang her once instead of the Thai whore I had had the night before courtesy of the local Yakkie family.
As shit started to happen , banking laws started to get strict and his NHK pal Tachibana ratted on his scam, the yakuza started to bitch for their money share and somebody snitched on Kurachan’s plot to use my name to open an account in Osaka’s now extinct Dai-Ichi Kangyo Ginko , Umeda Branch. Kurachan made a fatal error and so did his low life Yakkie new ” friends “. NHK was after his balls to return filched money and he panicked and sang his song to SHUKKAN GENDAI , the Marco Polo long gone Magazine publisher as sleazy as Kurachan .
Let’s see if I can tell the rest of the story soon …
The naked truth. Coming soon.