>SUMO means YAOCHO and a lot more …


SUMO Yaocho . Spring Basho ( tournament ) CANCELLED ! First time since 1945 .
!! WOW !!
About time something serious happens in the Sumo world. JSA has been ignoring EVERY possible society rule and law till now .
What’s Yaocho in English ???
Grease money? Sleaze money ? Bribe? Graft ?
Ahh! BOUT-FIXING . Same as the above, in the end money talks folks .
Money , money , money, Ahh MONEY …
SUMO in the end, is ALL about taking it in the ARSE :
No mater what the name implies YAOCHO isn’t ILLEGAL . Just NAUGHTY but necessary for them poor FAT slobs to survive . Till they go over the Jyuryo position they gotta assume the position and wipe other fatter and bigger slobs ARSES , carry their f$cking arse cushions , kiss everybody’s arses , sadistic stable master’s and his relatives included, and the Yakuza that are hovering around collecting ILLEGAL gambling bets and furnishing drugs ARSES !!!
Till poor fat slob bastards get their very first salary ( 1.200.000 yen ) it’s all about taking it in the arse , kissing arse and getting arse f$cked.
Ever since SUMO exists YAOCHO goes with it. Like dimples on their fat ARSES .
Now wait a F$CKING minute : J -Cops and J-Prosecutor(s) RATTED on who the main comedians were in this semi-tragic comedy and the Japan Sumo Association ( JSA ) used them as sacrificial lambs to cover their own bribe taking AMAKUDARI money weighting way down in JSA deep pockets .
I wonder WHOM and WHAT are they trying to hide ???
YAOCHO MAIL 八百長メール. A new word that will painfully stay for a long time to come like KAWAIIGARI did ( literally “cuddling ” any youngWrestler that doesn’t want to take it in the ARSE, TO DEATH. Like the Inuyama Alcoholic Stablemaster and his ARSE kissing dogs massacred a poor schmuck with empty beer bottles beatings a few years back ) Bottles were empty because the old alcoholic geezer and his dogs needed the booze to get courage to do it. Brave warriors ; four or more against a poor lone kid .
Nothing new there . A few “mysterious and accidental ” deaths have been ” happening ” for decades .
Only this time the parents of the young gutsy wrestler wouldn’t let it slide under like many cowardly ones did before.
Drunken stable master was thrown to the MoJ hyenas with his semi-retarded dogs and actually given suspended sentences no matter how much the old drunken fart and the JSA tried to force mouth clamping money in front of the boys parents face . In vain .
Literally getting away with murder . Well, NOT this time buster .
Probably opened a Chanko slop eatery in a hicksville crappy prefecture ( like Mie-pref ) with the money given by their pals at the AMAKUDARI blood sucking JSA for keeping his trap shut while cops were squeezing his alcoholic balls for more Deja vu snitching .
Times differ from EDO Period I suppose .
No more KAWAIIGARI allowed . About f$&king time too although , like Yaocho , Kawaiigari is a ” necessary Evil “, according to a gaijin sumo wrestler from East Europe. Bet Yoghurt has turned his brains into mash . Oooops .
No more taking drugs , gambling , beating up normal citizens on a binge induced rampage like one of my favorite rascals the Mongol Yokozuna Asahishoryu did a few times too many . Akebono did it in Osaka too . I guess Alcatraz the yakuza money laundering Roppongi crappy joint, often experienced what them big bullies could do on a good night .
No more getting away with murder ( wanna bet ? ).
Times change and the Sumo World better give them youngsters some respect , meaning, pocket money enough to stop them from being too YAOCHO motivated . They are young and need to have some fun arse kissing aside .
The Gaijin sumo wrestlers broke a few taboos too along with heads . Russian wrestlers are talking their heads off . So are other gaijin wrestlers;
” So what , everybody does it what’s the big deal ?”
IF no YAOCHO is allowed or the inspiring young Sumo wrestler has a Sugar mommy or Daddy ( more arse f$cking here ) the other Sumo stable pals will KAWAIIGARI the poor schmuck . The gaijin wrestlers were taught that YAOCHO is a part of the Sumo rules …
I guess puffing on Hashish / Mary Jane and gambling too ARE part of Sumo rules .
Occupational hazards like type 2 diabetes and hypertension as well . The grub rich in protein and unhealthy goo in tow with booze, late night binges and whoring does it .
Fuji TV 8 o’clock morning Wide show cheap wigged commentator , diabetic and greedy commentator OGURA typical smart comment today was : “I feel sorry for the foreign travelers ( Americans ) that came for watching the Nagoya Sumo Basho .”
Cheap comment like the equally moldy cheap beaver on his head .
His stammering underling Kasai ( he at least has implanted hair not the cheap beaver stingy Ogura wears. That guy is DIRT rich ,LOL ) too had equally stupid comments although his Japanese can be as incomprehensible as the Gaijin hyena Dave Specter’s (?) the Chicago AMAKUDARI ” producer ” NIHONGO is. Stupid cheap jokes included.

I still wonder how much he got for the mysterious fire that burned his beat up jalopy to a cinder from the insurance company . Wonder what’s called in his case? YAOCHO perhaps or AMAKUDARI ?

Well , like KAROSHI , I guess KAWAIIGARI and YAOCHO MAIL will become internationally known words
WHAT’S extremely illegal is the fact that the cops/ prosecutor office = MoJ DISCLOSED the mobile / cell phone text messages where the chosen escape goats were planning next day’s bout result a year ago . Clearly one of them , probably needed 700.000 yen urgently to cover his gambling debts or the Yakuza Bakuto faction would either f$ck his fat arse or like the proverbial YUKIDARUMA ( snowman ) a term used by Yakki loan sharks , would go on squeezing his arse with high interest rates (200% if lucky ). He wears nice expensive brand shades .
Yep , for the next couple of months , the public ears are going to get sore with the dirty YAOCHO MAIL being thrown at the public day in and day out . Suggest everybody get updated with their movie rentals or Apple TV ( Ape TV like I call it ) . J TV sucks BIG.
Cowardly inspiring and high ranking SUMO wrestlers and Ex-Wrestlers are gonna sing and snitch on their own stable masters like it happened to KASUGANISHIKI stable master seen in pic taken directly from my TV…
Indeed . Times have changed and sh$t happens a lot faster than usual these days. Sc$mbags per se aren’t that incognito anymore .
STILL , the J cops and MoJ buzards that disclosed the YAOCHO mail to the public should look very closely at their own ugly mugs in the mirror and do a lot of thinking .
Next it just might be ( I sincerely hope ) their turn too .
Remember , YAOCHO is Naughty . But disclosing data from private cell phone text , copied from criminal investigation files IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL and them MoJ snitches SHOULD be DISCLOSED and prosecuted by the REAL LAW as well for a change .
In the end , those that earn their bread honestly should not let these MoJ buzzards go lightly .
Times did indeed change …
Eat, don’t gobble, less fattening CHANKO and your brains will flow easier and not as twisted .


>The Kazamidori


This now coffee house , restaurant used to be a live house bar in the old days.

Kazamidori was where I met underground characters before I started my binge nights around Ikebukuro or met future clients to hear their cases and see if it was better they used a shyster lawyer nearby to help debt collecting, or trouble shoot their troubles OR use my superdupper methods.

Kazamidori used to be a cozy place with candle light burning on every table from old wine bottles with wax spilling out. The smell of tobacco, the whispers and murmurs of parties of all kinds of work and levels. The Yakuza were there as were, pimps, whores, couples on flings, CID cops on the prowl, artists, musicians, rich, poor and sober teetotallers sipping heavy Turkish coffee. Iranian drug deallers before going to the Otsuka station square where an Afghani in cahoots with Marudani, the ex-Savak cop turned J police snitch along with a Alal food shop, supplied them with heroin. Skunk came by to bid their goodbyes to their Venezuelan , columbian whore on the beat in Shin Okubo while the Iranians pushed drugs around Ueno station.

This fauna all came by to find a neutral place before or after their own private battles while listening to some music played by mediocre equally drunk and melancholic guitarists or trumpeters and low key singers, doing their gigs mostly for the hell of it or cos it was too cold or raining outside. The owner, Shinozuke, kept an invisible tight rein in that place and never once, at least while I was there, did I see a fight.

A haven that is now long gone and only the melancholic come by to have coffee or eat shitty grub before going their way home or to the soapland area behind Tokyu Hands where there is still a sleazy nomiya enclave back from the old days. Kazamidori was indeed a cool bohemian joint. I heard Shinozuke retired to Hawaii with his long-time flame, a black black woman from LA.

Wish I could find his whereabouts and kill the ghosts with him…

>Memories of Stones and Bridges

>In Tokyo, here and there, between tall super modern ( and not that modern ) buildings, I often find strange stones that are there without any apparent reason whatsoever. These ones are where Sugamo prison used to be.

Not far from these , yet another and far more infamous stone stands where the girder / scaffold used to hang criminals, especially convicted war criminals ( like former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo ) . Engraved on the back of that very same stone an inscription is engraved “Never again” and a much longer inscription I can’t recall right now . On the front of that very stone a much more simple engraving says ” For Eternal Peace ” . It is right next to Sunshine60, a building that was named according to a general believe that criminals were hanged every morning the sun shone . The 60 simply means the floor count . In popular modern lore , the area is rumored to be haunted .

A far more discreet stone is situated at Yoyogi Park near NHK and I sometimes sat there teasing other NHK personel on their way to NHK from Harajuku station and vice-versa .

Still these stones to me emanate a strange well-being and I often sat on them drinking sake or wine in the nights I was doing the “hashigo (step ladder)” or all night drinking. Kachidoki bridge was one of those power spots where I drank all night around Ginza and the neighborhood like the not so far docks which is now an over priced sky scrapper area, empty and lonely.

I got food from Tsukiji market a few bottles of booze and climbed to the top of the metal bridge, watched the sun come up and Tokyo becoming alive. Now Kachidoki bridge is still there but thanks to my leg and age I can not climb it nor observe Toyosu, the ex-merchant docks now turned sky scrapper ghetto, nor the doctor I used to bang that came around 8 am from St. Luke’s hospital and picked me up half drunk , full of tsukiji sushi. She took me to her apartment and we always had our regular rump in the hay. Then I slept and by 3pm went to Ginza East to do some work or scouting at Magazine House or Dentsu .

Those were the days I was content as a cat must be after it ate the canary and I had quite a few canaries to eat from .