New gaijin card

Found this on the web…
Q: The new Residence Card contains an IC Chip. What information will be on the IC Chip?
A: Under Japanese Law, they are only allowed to record on the IC Chip the information that is written on the card. It will contain no other private information that is not already listed on the card.

Q: Who will be able to read the information on the IC Chip?
A: Anyone who has a “reader” will be able to view the information. Obviously, readers will be provided by the Immigration Bureau to all their offices, to all airports and to the police. The “readers” will also be sold to anyone who wishes to have one. One can imagine that banks and perhaps mobile phone providers will initially be the type of places who will buy the “readers”.

Anyone can buy a reader? This is plain daft! Anybody can buy a reader and read my info? That’s just ridiculous. the readers should be government controlled. Any twat can buy a reader and demand to read my card and I wouldn’t know who the fuck they are! Are they available for export?