You know a guy in Japan called Jon Lynch?

Seems he is trying to scam some money out of companies to put on some rock gigs. He wants to keep 20% of sponsorship money. That’s illegal isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “You know a guy in Japan called Jon Lynch?

  1. There’s a whole lot more than that. Lynch has been at it for years… Even when JUICE has declared bankruptcy , finally , he still tries to milk gullible folks in the Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya etc music business. Time somebody wipes that smirk out of that guy’s face. LOL

  2. How do foreigners get away with this stuff in Japan? I thought the cops there were great? Anyway, this bastard Lynch needs lynching. Friend of mine came over to Japan with his band a couple of years ago being promised promotion, press, etc, but when they got there there was nothing. They spent close to $7,000 on the trip and there wan’t even anyone to meet them at the airport and the c#$t didn’t even go to the gig.

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