Know thyself.Health matters …Letter to a friend:

What about your friend Gouty ?? Any symptoms ?
Me , after nearly two weeks of peeing bloody urine all stopped and it seems back to normal . Got used to the bullshit the Jap Government was feeding all of us I guess.
Not even when that bum footed French horny toad president said yesterday on TV : ” French people can not but be impressed by the dignified and stoic attitude of the Japanese people facing such a calamity . France will do it’s best to help by using it’s nuclear disaster experience and help the Japanese people ” . Long nosed midget then mumbled something about 1945 and fell cleansed of all the crap his country has been selling Japan for decades I remember when the ships hauling that radioactive goo left Cherbourg Harbor under cover of the night and shat that same goo here on the coast of the Sea of Japan under the protection of US Navy and Japanese Coastal guard watchful eyes while the Koan were harassing a small group of protesting people on shore and the fishing boats shouting ” NoNuclear waste in Japan “.
L’Salouppard forgot that it was France that sent Japan Nuclear waste galore between the early 80’s till 6 or 7 years ago .
And ,where were the Green Peace clowns when all this charade was going on ?
After nuclear puke , the frogs resorted to the watery Beaujolais Nouveau and the Cirque Du Soleil , the latest being originated from Quebec they were the first to pack and run when Japanese needed the most of entertainment to try to forget the impending doom . Those clowns are already planning to restart their adds competing with the AC gloomy brain washing rubbish . SCHMUCKS !!!
That toad is right about Japanese being stoic and dignified. Unlike the stoic and dignified way the Frogs all fucked off at a moment’s notice . Why didn’t they take their f$cking niggers with them too??
Watch out for those countries claiming to be freedom , justice and equality advocates. They are the ones now bombing Libya and did even worse in Iraq etc …
One thing thought is that I feel sleepy often .
Checking things out it might be that I am over-injecting insulin quantities . I got the feeling that my pancreas might just be producing what it was supposed to after five years of dieting and insulin .
Doctors said that kidneys couldn’t get better but mine are almost at normal intake . Then they told me my nervous system might take more than a decade before it got partially restored . I feel a lot more on my foot sole and more than that, I’m getting boners often . They told my my eyes were in deep shit , my vision has improved and it’s steady after initial laser shots . Fucking foot care doctor said smirking and holding his stupid camera that he uses to collect pics of misery and despair to , I bet, jerk off ever now and then ,” when they lose one leg , in three years they often lose the other foot due to lethargy “. Still got mine and intend to go to Hell with it, BUT not before I kick his teeth in with the size 13 boot thanks .
Told him not to take any more pics of my foot when I go for a check up, or I would shove the f#$king Nikon up his arse. He got the message . Old geezer can always find more victims to wank off on their misery .
Fucking doctors . Can’t trust them . Can’t stand their crap .Use them at first and throw them out .
Know thyself .

4 thoughts on “Know thyself.Health matters …Letter to a friend:

  1. >The Frogs went so damn quickly that they didn't even tell their schools they were going. Japanese students turned up for their lessons and sat in classrooms waiting for Monsieur Teacher but he never came because by then he was sitting in a coffee shop stuffing his face with a ham and cheese baguette. Krauts went just as quickly; Swedes headed south and to date, 200,000: foreigners have left Tokyo.

    Hope they never come back.

    • Gouty is still here in Japan, alive and well and watching the Euro 2012 championships. Unlike my cheap Uniqlo clothes and the French flag, I did not run from Japan after the earthquake.

      • Kudos for that ol’man. I know you love it here despite not speaking the lingo nor understanding it in full. A trivial Nuclear disaster won’t deter you. Ces’t la vie.

  2. >AMEN to that !!
    Heard that some are crawling silently back already . Even their own countries were too straight with those losers . Where else would they get treated like the humans they aren't but Japan . I sincerely hope they get what they deserve for leaving like the rats they are. As for me I am getting lists from airport and travel agents that know who to blow their conch to . As soon as I got confirmations I will post their names , addresses and any other data I can dig out .
    They'd better not return . The air is cleaner and the Japanese will notice the gaijin that stayed when the shit hit the fan .
    Damn losers .

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