>Got the idea by now??


You get the idea why I am Grumpy? Can you take the constant pain I am going thru often without taking pain killers or Alcohol? Do you understand when I say ” life’s Short “?

It’s not infectious to others but that’s diabetes . IF I make it for ten years I will be invincible. That is why I made my ten year vow and live a Spartan or almost Spartan life. The trinity : no booze, no smoking, no rich food binges, keeps me alive to some extent.

There are other diabetes related Dark Shadows in my body lurking hidden. I don’t have to confess them all to you do I. Not even Wifey knows them. I hide them using my Devil’s face instead of a poker face. The point is the BRAIN. I keep it more in less in shape by debt collecting, exterminating scum AND trying to win over my fear of computers. Those things keep me from contemplating the easiest way out. Self termination. Got the idea by now??