>A password for Blondie


During a recent password audit, it was found that a

blonde was using the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password, she said

she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters

long and include at least one capital.



Wifey have been working as a cameraperson for 20 years and is also a certified archivist and a couple more things I can’t remember now.

She was also one of the first female cameraperson in her sort of job.

For nearly 20 years she when all over the globe hauling a heavy camera and the equipment related with that toy ( spare battery pack, Beta cam tapes, tripod and her own attire that grew heavier when she was in places like Turkey or Africa for a couple of months. She also wasted tons of money on phone calls to talk to me on those long trips. Ten years or more ago we didn’t own a computer let alone chat using Skype. Once because she got sick and had need of moral support we wasted 360.000 yen on KDDI phone calls.

For years, she has been harassed by the f$%king old satyrs. She didn’t bend and took it in the arse being sexually harassed with sarcastic comments about her boobs or the fact she didn’t wear make up and preferred 511 tactical wear to womanly skirts … She always was ready to drop everything at a phone call to relieve a sick or hurt fellow cameraperson. Several times she flew to no lands end Hicksville Alaska, Somalia, Mumbai and more s£$thole to bring a new camera to replace one another fellow cameraperson had either dropped in a river when a mother Grizzly went for him ( I would too if an asshole stinking of garlic , booze and nicotine pointing a bazooka like device to me and my cubs – wouldn’t anybody ?) or another idiot took a nap on a bench in Somalia and the 5 million yen camera was swiped by the local thief ( they all thieves and whores around that sh£$hole anyway ).

She got a hernia or sorts because a faggot young bastard made her haul his sound equipment for almost a kilometer in an American Air Force Tarmac, carrying her camera too. The little fart drunk too much the previous night and was feverish. Two long months with a f£$king plaster around her body and lying in bed trying not to move while I did all cooking and towel washing for her cos no way she could move that much even to go and take a leak.

Rain or shine no matter the time, wifey took all crap NHK threw at her.

When a so called director KURAZAKI EIKI, filched money out of expenses using MY name thru a few years even if I never seen him since 1993. He used my Osaka days alias to open an account in the Osaka Umeda branch of Daiichi kangyo bank, that now goes by a different name, and promised the Takumi yakuza related gang of hoods to share it in exchange for hot news. Later he couldn’t touch a cent cos the law demanded proof of identity and Antonio Tsudome didn’t exist since it was my non de guerre. The yakuza threatened to break every bone in his rotten body and feed him to the sharks if he didn’t cough up the money.

KURACHAN came up with the wonderful idea to accuse me of filching the money ( 20 / 30 million yen ‘?’) to the Shukkan Gendai hyenas and thought I was either dead or would never find out about his Judas like treachery. Well I did and caused so much trouble that the NH , KOHO ( PR = KEMPEITAI GOONS ) tried to bribe wifey with a nice 5 LDK and a raise of salary for just keeping me under control. Wifey of course told them to F£$K OFF. So did I. I simply told the KOHO BUZZARDS to give me KURACAN’s head on a silver platter and they and the yakuza they so friendly with, could share the filched money if the bank was stupid enough to go against banking laws and give it to them. I didn’t care, KURACHAN’S head on a platter fresh and warm from the chopping board OR I will keep the s£$t blowing on thrill faces.

Wifey got all sort of harassment from the KOHO section but she kept up her integrity and so did I EVEN after three Kobe Number BMW ridding goons ambushed me on 22nd of June 2005 late night in front of my place. I ended up with a broken head from an aluminum baseball bat cuddle, but then idiots ended eating my size 13 , 511 tactical boots on their faces, teeth etc et al. I called a reporter, got pics taken of my bleeding head and the story was on the magazine the week after the fact. More pressure to wifey, ignoring me, KOHO helped KURACHAN to hide in NHK’S safe, love hotel nearby for weeks and in a safe house in Kugayama, Suginami Ward till I found it out. Before I got there, a turncoat that had been using my connections and info to do documentaries in his name for ages, ratted to KURACHAN ABOUT MY INCOMING VISIT. KURACHAN, helped by KOHO and other top rats, ran and keeps on hiding even now cos he knows I will get him sooner or later.

All this time wifey stood her ground went about her business, but s£$t started to happen when they stuck her in a low level satellite section for four years. NHK now uses expendable SOTOPRO, independent contractors to do most of the work cos they, in theory are easy to sack. NHK salaried ones aren’t easy to get rid off because of the so-called Union. The Union never did anything drastic, why should it when it’s getting paid from employee salaries to rat on them or do NOTHING when needed, above the written protocol?

AMAKUDARY ZANMAI, is the word most NHK salaried people say when talking about ” the Union “. 20 long years of pain, sweat and tears and wifey gets less pay than when she had only 5 years under her belly. Certainly less than the new comers that got in thanks to connections. Of Make inu loser females that all they do is spread their tights and have brats galore for a period of five, six years. They just get back to do desk jobs and bitch about how hard it is to keep a kid, ” work ” and get stuffed again with semen… These sluts often come out of nowhere and expect childless by choice females like wifey to dance their music and worse still, sit between them listening to their bitching grievances about motherhood.

They never mention the sweet double income they get ‘cos their whoring hubbies are ” directors ” in NHK. Directors that don’t know about directing but get up to 800,000 yen a month plus half year bonuses to do NOTHING but buy Alfa Romeos, f£$k chink or other whores and keep their twat wives either pregnant or bitching at work about life. Of course these leeches live with their parents in big houses ten minutes to half hour from NHK. I am talking about a round million yen at least for both of these buzzards.

In short : today, a holiday and many holidays before ( mind you the ” UNION and LABOR law stipulates a 5 day off a month to the likes of wifey plus in case of paragraph 69 Three more days off. Paragraph 69 refers to menstrual pain ). Wifey gets nil, nothing, nada, nix. Today she is WAITING in a poxy clinic waiting for some brat to pop up with the, get this, MUMPS ( Ohtafuku ) and film the whole crappy affair.



Others got bribes, filched mone , got arrested for insider money schemes, perverted ones got transferred to ATAGOYAMA’S NHK LIBRARY, nicknamed the CUCKOO NEST or THE WITCHES CAULDRON AND A WHOLE LOT OF SCUMBAGS LEECHING GOOD SALARIES FOR DOING NOTHING WORTH.

Wifey has the s£$t end and she has a crippled hubby sort of homebound to give mental support TO.

After 20 long years ENDING UP getting paid the equivalent of the maintenance staff ( no pun intended here. Some are good cleaners . Others ” clean ” till their deep pockets break ). A lot of filching from the staff desks is still going on. Anything from your eraser, ball point pen or cheap vinyl umbrella to full bodied Hi-Vision Cameras, lenses, bags, PCs and even full fledged editing equipment.

Wifey never took a thing, got her staff stolen or ” borrowed “, behaved, took it all stoically and in the end gets lower salary and equally low s£$tty jobs like today’s MUMPS.


>North Koreans attacked South



Yankees didn’t do s£$t nor did the South Gook army.

Luckily only a few died…

Kim DUD Ill showing off to new kid in town and son (?) Kim Dong Ill : ‘ See how your daddy is not only a dying diabetic horny toad? He can still rattle the South brethren cage. ‘

” This my son, is my parting initiation gift to you. Remember that money talks but it sings when synced with a few well placed artillery shots and a DUD miss-ille or two. Remember that mah son and may the Force be with you “

Initiation done both of them went to the same barber because they needed to have the same haircut style ( mine looks a lot like theirs too. A good point in case Zippangu gets invaded while I’m alive. HeHeHe ).

Barber has a couple of semi virgin daughters he been trying himself on long Winter nights and Kim Dud Ill, too ill to to get it up told son Kim Dung Ill to bang them skinny sluts, while he and the 280 ” Metallic Generals ” and concubines watched it all on the screen of course, to take poontang odor of the Swiss tarts ( Heidi , Helga , Ingrid und Lilly ) furnished by the Swiss private school KimDung Ill was stuck in, courtesy of Ze Sviss Government und Banks, that goes without saying of course. Heck , I said it anyway.

A great classic movie buff, like a Brit I know, Kim Dung Ill will put The Third Man BGM as a back ground while Kim Dung Ill bangs them skinny sluts and before the Orgy is over the BGM will be ” the show Must Go On ” from a movie I cant remember now.

That done, Father, son and the 280 metallic decorated Generals, not forgetting the bitch that announces on North Gook Television, a well known Kim Dud Ill tart, will get into the Swiss , Deutch ( suppose Ulrich Alber De technology not involved in that moving brothel ‘cos it works smoothly ) made train and ride it into Chinkland to continue the initiation orgy. Chink bitches takes it in the arse and mouth ( not the other way around ) . Throwing in a few boyz too and perhaps a dog or two for the bestiality bit.

Meanwhile Hussein Barrack Village People Boyz (officially 28.000 of them of all genders and creeds ) keep on hiding in their useless Gook bases and trotting Walker Hill in Seoul on the look out for North Korean sleepers, to sleep with and get monumentally drunk on beer induced Shoju piss shots.

They all blame the attack on neighborhood Japan ( everybody does it these days ) and its bunch of retarded Diet greedy horny toads that spend tax payers money on Geisha parties, filling their deep pockets with yakuza, Japanese born Korean Pachinko owners gaff and throw insults at each other day in and day out to keep warm, time cards AND NHK content …

Will the North Koreans go back for seconds today? NOT LIKELY!!

Too busy having fun and using Gook drugs ( Chabu, they learned the knowhow from the WWWII Japanese Kamikaze ) with the Chink, Russian tarts and faggots.

But like that Austrian steroid taking ass and G’venor of Kaliphornya loves to say when leaving L.A.’s whore houses : AH’LL BE BACK !!

You can bet your Kimchi eating South Korean arses on that.

>Joke time


A plane leaves Heathrow Airport under the control of a Jewish captain. His co-pilot is Chinese. It’s the first time they’ve flown together and an awkward silence between the two seems to indicate a mutual dislike. Once they reach cruising altitude, the Jewish captain activates the auto-pilot, leans back in his seat, and mutters, ‘I don’t like Chinese..’

‘No rike Chinese?’ asks the copilot, … ‘why not?’

‘You people bombed Pearl Harbour , that’s why!’

‘No, no’, the co-pilot protests, ‘Chinese not bomb Peahl Hahbah ! That Japanese, not Chinese.’

‘Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese… .doesn’t matter, you’re all alike!’

There’s a few minutes of silence…

‘I no rike Jews!’ the co-pilot suddenly announces.

‘Oh yeah, why not?’ asks the captain.

‘Jews sink Titanic!’ says the co-pilot.

‘What? That’s insane! Jews didn’t sink the Titanic!’ exclaims the captain, ‘It was an iceberg!’

Iceberg, Goldberg, Greenberg, Rosenberg , ….nomattah…all same ! !

>Gumpiness is…


…a double edged long heavy Damocles sword.

It hangs over my head and I never know what happens next. It can be fun, mostly after the fact but I can not hide underneath a comfy rock like other common folks can. No mater what, even staying home, shutting my door and windows, GUMPINESS still bugs and tortures me. Gumpiness is a sneaky one. It uses my strong and weak points freely. It hides in various forms of faces and moods. It calls itself all kinds of aliases.

Sometimes, it even passes by so fast and with such stealth that I only notice it was here after something else happens another day or another time when I do my Deja Vu or check a pic or a video I took. Many times others tell me about Gumpiness naughty stance and how it gave them a scare or two. Of course they blame it all on me. Reasonably I can’t tell them it wasn’t me but Gumpiness that did it all, of course.

I’ve often asked myself:


Another day has started. I will try to move softly and behave like others cos I long for a normal day or even a week without Gumpiness passing by, stopping and tickling my balls, rattling my cage, jerk my chain, ad nauseam, ad INFINITUM…