>Day by Day Blues


Trying to find out why am I in such a gauntlet. I set my old iPod on, put on my favorite old cap, try to shut my yes and listen to music. Hoping not get caught by all these question marks that like meteorites, shoot and pass by me at an incredible speed.

And find the answer to my unanswered questions.

Trying hard to find out what the f$%k did I do? When did I get derailed from my usual path? I think I lost my aura and the path while the coma in the ICU ward.

I thought I’d got out light, from Death’s embrace. That the Devil let me go because I wasn’t worth the risk to create mayhem in his turf: Hades. I was full of spunk when observing others in my situation wondering why were they depressed when there was so much to do. So many soft and sore points to care about and destroy. I had survived and thought I’d find a stronger reason to live for since, I had reached the peak during the 49 years I’d lived. I’D MADE IT !!! Little did I knew what I had coming four years later…

I lost contact with all of them from the 6th floor except one guy: TERU.

TERU isn’t an amputee. He lived in Shanghai for almost ten years and as destiny would have it, one day he jumped from a window all the way down. Dunno what floor he fell from, NOR THE REAL REASON WHY. But for a confused BOTCHAMA, spoiled brat, he made it all the way to Shanghai, lived and worked there, I suspected he had good times and then that day came; he jumped. His legs buckled under and sort of almost penetrated his stomach with the impact, but he was alive albeit a dozen centimeters shorter, so to speak.

Who, I didn’t ask, he didn’t volunteer either, had got him into Tokyo and on the same floor as I ended up in? The NORO virus infested ward of the Kokusai Iriyo Center, Shinjuku ward, in the Winter of 2006. He had been there long before I and we sort of established a bound that only two of a kind could. He was still there when I left for another hospital not too far on X’mas Eve 2006.

Last time he and I met was at Ben’s before he got a job as a graphic designer for an obscure company about two years ago. He hoped to make it fast but he stuck to what little valuable advice I had given him while we were ” guests ” of the NORO VIRUS ward:


Somehow Teru took that advice to heart, stored his hyper energy and did just what I told him: he took it DAY by DAY. From one company to yet another even more obscure one he is still going strong and his legs just like him, are taking it DAY by DAY.

He WALKS. With a gait, sometimes getting tired easily but he WALKS THE WALK.

If I am this good at coaching others, why am I not good at coaching myself back to the old days minus over indulgence with booze, cigars, food, etc…? Why am I not, like TERU, able to concentrate and take it DAY by DAY? Why do I keep on attracting more and more burdening situations and meeting blood sucking leeches on every f$%king corner and paths I tread by on my Kraut power chair?

There must be somewhere around my sleepless nights an answer. Once the answer gets to me, so will the proper solution and aftercare will occur ( that said with a pinch of salt ). The problem is: will the ANSWER if it comes, come too late? Too late to practice the DAY by DAY philosophy I induced to TERU and others? Will IT ( the answer ) pop out when I am so damn depressed that when I wrap that hemp rope noose around my neck and give myself a final ticket to Hades I won’t be able to abort the whole trip out of this f$%king world I’m in?

I guess s$%t does happen and not even I will be able to stop it from flying. My hope is that when I go, I will take a few of these scumbags that are onto me, to HELL. Go with panache.

It’s back to Sting and the Cage of Souls gig I am listening to now while keeping on searching for an answer I suspect might have passed by me without noticing it.

As I hope to take a few scumbags in advance or with me when I croak I wait for day light to come wishing, that like the sun, the moon AND ol’Teru I could also enter their DAY by DAY monotony instead of suffering from insomnia, melancholy, anger, anguish, hate and live my short life looking for an answer I suspect will never find before I go.

Rant dedicated to TERU

>Dissing Kraut efficiency part 3


I got some nice pictures from Alber so I sent them a reply…

Dear Philipp ,

I thank thee for thy kind reply although they aren’t giving me ANY concrete answers. The photos of the tyres are interesting but would be complete if you kindly told me where to import them from, including a website or email addresses where I can enquire about them. You made it all too clear that Ul- Rich Alber.De washes it’s greedy paws off of whatever deal I might reach, with the tyre and parts maker(s). THAT is unfortunately the only concrete reply I got from you during the HCR short chat.

No need to repeat yourself all over again is there ? I had my limb chopped off, but, unfortunately for the likes of you, NOT my brain. I understand and won’t blame your company for being happy and ridding the AA without slipping on mouse or cockroach piss wet typical Tokyo streets surfaces. That, so far, it is what I have been getting from you. All the rest of your missive is useless crap. Korean F1 Racing and their tyres too is not an issue. The drivers aren’t disabled ( mentally yes ) nor amputees. Their polluting noisy gizmos aren’t designed nor made by ul-Rich Alber.De neither. Too bad, I would love to see them polluting s$%ty toy, crash and burn to a cinder. They are mental but not retarded and they are loaded with sponsors enough to get a pair of ultra expensive tyres for every damn mile they speed by if they want.

Unlike me. All I wanted was some consideration from you and your so called INNOVATORS by considering to IMPROVE the chair. Hasn’t your big cheese what’s-his-name received the ” Top Innovator Prize ” recently? I can’t see what innovation the Adventure got. Every single day when I ride that squeaking noisy panzer has had , when my tyres / engine returned from your ” Mobility is Frei ” hidden factory at least three times … Check the records if you guys have any.

What I know and fear most is that the future clientele of disabled handicapped silent lambs that purchase your goods will HAVE TO PAY for that useless trip of yours to Tokyo and for the bribes Ul-Rich Alber.De paid to the Vienna zo-und-zo professors and others to get that ” Top Innovation Prize ” that that company of yours is bragging about.

Nor I find it amusing that you sat on a wheelchair while giving me more patronizing goofy questions to my own questions nor that you didn’t find me worthy of getting a business card of yours either.

The only thing I can thing why no business card came forward was that you came here on a paid vacation and that the reason you sat on a wheelchair while ” chatting ” with me was the very same reason that I do when facing a big mean dog ; I look it in the eye at same height.

A German lady friend of mine emailed me pictures of the Ul-Rich Alber sales staff during the Exhibition in Germany ( forgot the name of that circus ) and most of them were sitting on wheelchairs when chatting up future clients etc. Must be an Ul-Rich Alber policy . To look us gimps in the eye when chatting. Irritating habit. As irritating as your way of giving me questions instead of answers I asked to make me comfortable and some how believe that I JUST might be partially wrong. But you goofed on all accounts. I wasn’t disappointed. You are a low level goofball and will never be promoted. No wonder poor Sigrid Beiter looks dog tired.

That you over there simply do not give a s$%t about the FAR AWAY clients here in the Land of the Rising Sun and do not read the files regarding repairs, just shows that my fears ARE true. Alber is a greedy enterprise and doesn’t give a flying f&%k about the likes of me here in far away Asia.

More proof is that you didn’t even bother to ask neither Herr Mine nor anybody else about where I was born and gave me patronizing more crap about FIFA and the garlic eating neighboring Korean F 1 race crap.

I am still waiting for ; my chassis , engine , tyres to be returned overhauled with a detailed report of what is wrong with the kit and caboodle. That toy costs an arm and a leg , literally and I am not super rich. I got to stick to what I wasted money in, BUT demand full report on what so far Ul-Rich Alber.De has been doing to MY chair from the moment I purchased it till now. THAT will be an innovation ; To treat the client the due consideration he or she deserves.

I am waiting for that documentation you told me Alber sends to their clients ( The living ones of course ) Instead of bullshit about Germany being beaten by the Spaniards in the semi finals. I am not interested nor got the time to stay awake all night seeing a bunch of grown up ghetto boyz playing a game that has been arranged in advance. Or haven’t you seen your own TV news about the bribes paid that were in advance ? Oops , I forgot that there is a possibility that Ul-Rich Alber.De bribed the Wiener whats-his-name professor UND the others so that it could get the ” Top Innovation Prize “. You should instead ask all of us IF YOU DESERVED SUCH A PRIZE , no matter how useless it is.

WE GOT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE and not some old paedo fart from shit knows who Austrian University. The so-called ” Top Innovation Prize ” should have been given to Alber AFTER double checking on Ul-Rich Alber’s past UND future fiascos and f6%k ups from the moment it decided to leech from the Disabled . All that crap about Global Enterprising could be amusing IF I didn’t see that in reality , the joke is on me and the other handicapped.

” Japan being ZO far away ” is an even crappier excuse. We aren’t that far when it comes for you leeches to fill up your deep pockets with our hard earned currency, the yen. The Alber Japan team is excellent, not because they are your distributors per se, but because they happen to care about the clients and have a CONSCIENCE. The last word doesn’t exist in the Ul-Rich Alber.De Dictionary anyway . Learn it : CONSCIENCE. While you at it, learn some more crucial words that Alber JP practices without going thru that cram classroom you so keen to tell everybody about on the website : HONESTY . INTEGRITY . KINDNESS . TRUTH . FAIRNESS and some more foreign words to all of you @ Ul-Rich Alber.De

Finally but not least, Japan has FOUR SEASONS like in your far away GERMANY. We got mountains, beaches, plains, forests, rice paddies, highway , ultra modern high speed, ACCIDENT FREE bullet trains ( unlike in your country, maybe them lethal weapons you call high speed trains are designed by the ” Top Innovator the one and only Ul-Rich Alber.De ?? ) UND a whole lot more including bad mean streets full of pot holes and prodding manholes, traffic jams, corrupt cops and ministry of health buzzards, whores, faggots, drug addicts, Islamists, Jews, Communists, Yakuza, Nigerian / Ghanian scum, possessive fake democratic Yankees, lots of Chinks, Russians, ugly UND pretty bitches, fat UND skinny twats UND quite a few KRAUTS goose stepping around with loud booming voices as if Tokyo and Tokyoites are supposed to listen to their fucked up Vs / UNDs intonations. Gott in Himmel.

Spike snow tyres have been against Japanese law for more than a decade UND your stupid snow chain is almost impossible for one legged rascals like me to install, let alone major handicapped people like Mr. Yokoyama, another ” proud ” owner of an Alber Adventure paralyzed from the neck down at the tender age of 24. Can your dumb brain imagine the two of us in different parts of Tokyo trying to install the stupid snow chain on a cold snowing day? Instead , why doesn’t Ul-Rich Alber.De shove those stupid soft slippery tyres up their GROSSE asses UNDgive us proper tyres almost like the one you sent on the pictures?!

Since you all greedy, you might as well sell the tyres as optional parts. Get two or three type of tyres done by your country potato eating hicks and put them as options for sale.

Get in touch with the two engineers in the Alber Jp team ( Kouso and Harigai ). NOT Herr Mine because he, although a nice person, is a sales man. Herr Mine lost a lot of his old fire and I suspect got very sick because he couldn’t spend that fire Zapping SCHMUCKS like you back into reality. HARIGAI is the one with the fire in his veins and the one that would love to kick your fake engineers in the ass. UND believe me Mine Herr , Harigai hates your negligent attitude because he IS A PRO. Kouzo too, but he is the peaceful type and prefers to wait till Ul-Rich Alber.De gets in deep trouble to stick a needle into your coffin , so to speak.

ACH , here I am sending you another long message UND it Vill take another Veek for you to reply. If I’m lucky of course.

Take that finger off your nose and get active INNOVATING things. Von’t you?

Do not forget, if you please, to send me the info you’d promised, once upon a time in Tokyo.

One more thing ;

Do not pull my leg not treat me as a retard.

I will edit the videos I got of the Alber Adventure rattling UND squeaking away here in Tokyo in my Utube gig ; TOKYOUNCLASSIFIEDS or MOBILITYPRO.

Together with my blog and website, that ought to raise a few eyebrows about the ” Top Innovator Prize ” your employer got . also about the claims of ” Satisfied World Wide clientele you hint in that Alber.De delusional website of yours.

Zo , Vats gonna be Herr Philipp Preugschas ?

Ze Carrot or Ze schtick ?

Best regards

Antonio in the Big Mikkan ( Tokyo )

>Dissing Kraut efficiency part 2 (tires issue )


Mon 18/10/2010 22:37

Mister Preugschas :

I understood that you had a busy season. Me and Harigai were waiting for eagerly for your email. Better later than ever I guess.

It is obvious that your didn’t listen to what I tried to explain during that hour that we were more or less communicating. Understandable since you NEVER gave me concrete answers. Most of what I got from your were questions instead of answers. In short you often ” answered ” me with more questions. I suppose that is what you were instructed to do during that training class Alber is so proudly displaying on it’s web site. But I took it all and in the end I got a little ray of hope when you told me that you would get me the info on the tires and other goodies for the Adventure. I understood that your manager (the tired looking female in the website, the one that branded me a Bad , Mean Boy) knew where I could get Non-slippery, ground gripping useful tyres from. If you were listening to me you would understand that the main problems with the Adventure were :


>> I told you that I was sometimes almost thrown onto the road because the tyres went over air conditioner compressor water, wet manholes and more wet surfaces that are common here in Tokyo. The tyres are so bad that I suppose cat or rat piss would render them as slippery. The first tyres were hard and never gave trouble apart from non grip hazard BUT the second tyres were so soft that a tree branch punctured a hole right thru the right tyre like a hot knife on butter. It is obvious that your quality control in charge people in Thailand aren’t that intense on their job. Too long nights at the local hen house perhaps?

OR I might just be to DAMN unlucky and got the rotten apple …

BUT as rotten apples go, I , not only got faulty tyres but just as often from the start the engine itself grunts and rattles like your Panzers must have done in the WWII and speed got hindered to snail pace together with battery life shortened too due to the engine getting semi stuck. As battery goes, soon after getting the AA, the battery charger ( Made in Canada or so it is written ) stopped charging. The fan stopped and overheated. This only after a few months.

Kindly ask Mine for the info on exact date.

Alber Japan, as usual, reacted fast and a day after I got a brand new charger and till now no problems with it. Another rotten apple? The engine was changed four or five ( maybe more ) times during these three years I’ve had the chair. Alber JP sent it to your factory for repairs or to change for new one and it always got sent back with a ” no problem found ” sticker so to speak.

Alber Germany always have a reason or two for not to do what they should do, I understood that you guys even were too busy with the FIFA World Cup Games to bother to react FAST.

Tires, like I wrote above, were punctured three times and once even during last year’s HCR Exhibition too a nail punctured a tire. This was immediately taken care by the Alber team engineer Kouzo. As often I want to mention, IF NOT FOR THE ALBER JP TEAM SWIFTNESS AND FAST REACTION, I would be suffering from PTSD .

If Alber JP were as slow, uninterested and poker faced as Alber Germany is, then I would be even more unhappy and sue the company in court. I am lucky that Mine’s team are dedicated and improvise fast in every emergency. A mister Yokoyama too will say the same.

I got pictures and videos of most of these mishaps. But I think you aren’t interested in giving concrete answers are you? Alber Germany logo should be ; we don’t feed the fishes we caught.

When you told me a new Alber adventure version will come out soon, I was hopping that it was a REAL new version ; Engine fixed NOT to creak and squeal like a damn drowning rat like it often does ( try to ride that gizmo EVERYDAY five or more hours at the time with the tires squealing like mine do ). Better gripping tyres specially on wet surfaces. Both front and back light VISIBLE to other drivers instead of the passing by for terriers and mini poodles canine population. Improved suspension and so on.

No such chance . If what you told me is correct, the ” New version ” will only be painted black and a slight improvement on the chair. Must be a Global plot because most of the dead stock exhibited by many dealers as ” new items ” in Tokyo’s HCR are painted different or got different threads and they add a colorful bicycle bell BUT they are exactly the same junk as the previous years … I have been photographing most of the suspected companies for some years now and I know what I am talking about. I sincerely hopped that Alber wouldn’t use the same sham , but it was all in vain .

I don’t want to waste your time, you might have to party somewhere but can I have the info on the tires and other spare items you told me about last time? Put me on your client list too and send me the inquires you told me of. I will gladly answer to your questions in that document. Will eagerly wait and see how far will my PLEAS be taken positively care of.

FIFA World Cup won’t happen for another four years. I hope that the Alber situation will improve. Then and only then I will gladly stop bitching and ranting unless I will be thrown under a bus or 4 ton truck somewhere UND die on the mean streets of Tokyo thanks to those slippery shameful tires Alber is so partial to and by the way, you haven’t seen the REAL Tokyo streets . 70% aren’t flat and are traps , some lethal for wheelchair bearers like I.

Kindly remember Herr Preugschas, last year in Tokyo alone 9 people died in various forms of wheelchair accidents due to negligence by dittowheelchair makers. The negligence from both the Ministry of Public Works in Japan and faulty, dead stock wheelchair design were the main factors that caused those lethal accidents. QUIX would be a candidate for a Lethal weapon too. I hope the only Quix I knew and tried for one month has been recalled ONCE AND FOR ALL. By the way , is that old biddy in the Quix add on uppers ? She seems to be ridding that crappy toy a little too damn fast . Or , as usual, di you guys simply fast forwarded the ride ?

Check these pictures out : The QUIX kept on falling off my wheelchair ( ZOUPUR like you called it ) , once while crossing a rail road crossing …

Is that crappy gizmo yet another one of Ulrich Alber.De ” Top Innovations ”

I hope you haven’t fallen asleep UND that my English wasn’t too hard for you .

Now could I have ZE info you’d promised to send me?

Can I?


Life for me is SHORT .

Can’t wait till my right limb grows back or the next FIFA Cup games.

Can I??

Please give my best to Sigrid Beiter.

Tell her I am not that such a bad guy.

I am worst on a good day. Alber Germany doesn’t want to see me on a bad day …

Now, lets see how long it will be till you send me the info on the tires UND the factory sends my overhauled, repaired chair back. Boosted up UND ready to kick ass here in Tokyo.

Sincerely UND truly yours


>Dissing Kraut efficiency part 1


My tank has been having a “service” ( one of many these past three years ) for over a month. I talked the Ulrich Alber.De people at the recent HRC in Tokyo. Here is part one of the follow-up communication.

Von : AK.57 ,Tokyo

To: Preugschas Philipp

Greetings from Tokyo.

Hope you had a nice trip home and that you haven’t forgotten your vows as well I haven’t mine.

The ball is in your yard for now.

Here is the US wheelchair Rant pages BUT there are a lot more where that came from;


Antonio from Tokyo – Japan submitted thisreview on August 27th 2008 at 11:41 PM.Antonio is an end user who has six months to a year of experience with the product.


Stylish , speedy , tough and good general performance . Good at railroad crossings too (believe me Tokyo’s are MEAN and treacherous ) AA goes thru them easy. Got a good feeling ridding it specialy when I know the batteries can give me a good distance span compared to my old Jazzy or Panasonic scooter.


Battery charger gave up the ghost less than six months of usage and if Alber Japan staff weren’t competent , I would end up with a piece of junk on my doorway while the Germans decided to send another charger after the Summer holidays and the World Cup were over. No reason on why that happened came yet from Germany . The rear left wheel too ratled a lot and the performance in general of the chair was hindered because of that .The rear wheels fishtail on certain surfaces too. got to be careful when breaking too on top of manholes and other surfaces . uselless to try and you’d better get ready for impact . Plastic parts are weak and why should I pay for Alber’s mistakes everytime I need to replace something that was faulty from the start ?Aber Germany better change their attitude .


I general it’s a good chair . Just wish Alber Germany cared more , knew the different between Asian raods / streets and the weather too . Or simply admited they screwed up on certain points . Sent spare hubcaps an extra battery charger with the chair when sold . It is after all a very expensive golf cart .
Alber could do better if they put their hearts into it .


Ease of use?

Meet expectations?

Overall Rating:


Hope to hear positively from you and the Alber Rat Pack Geniuses. Try to remember that not all disabled are silent lambs waiting by the slaughter house gates to walk the Green Mile. As long as I live I will go on trying to make weaker ones happier no matter the cost. Once I croak and go to Hell, I will keep on doing the same thing next to the Devil. Between you and me, He didn’t like the idea of me being next to Him that soon so he took my leg instead . Devilish bastard isn’t he?

Hope to hear from you soon and give my best to your ” dear ” college Sigrid Beiter. She looks tired in that corporate picture. My fault perhaps? HeHe.

Regards from Tokyo .


>2 bodies found with stab wounds after fire in Tokyo




I intend to HIGHLIGHT the old rich couple and LANDLORDS, the Setas that got murdered and their vast property burned to the ground last year. Almost behind my other house, the area was alive for a week with Media assholes, Media helicopters hovering about and Media 70,000 yen a day rental limos, blocking the Kawagoe Kaido for kilometers.

Local biddies were whispering in every nook and cranny of the area and although the cops stood by for a couple of weeks, they got tired of picking their hairy noses and decamped leaving one or two of those typical useless ” Looking for witnesses ” hand written billboards that in fact cover the most important spots that need to be open for cycles and wheelchairs alike to see the traffic clearly.

Like the Pachinko SHOGUN murder a few years back in the infamous HAPPY ROAD OYAMA aka MISERY ROAD OYAMA, not a whisper and the POLICE most probably know who did it in both cases but do nothing because whoever murdered both the Seta couple and the poor (?) schmuck on the Pachinko outer stairs in full public view, might just be one of them or related to them…

The SETA old geezers were famous for not trusting banks to of course public servants and had a lot of stash laying about in their large old style house. According to the gossip, they wasted a of minimum 100,000 yen per day on Pachinko and NOMIYA. The woman looked like what I call a SHONBEM GEISHA one of those old whores that entertained the McArthur GI’s and the guy, a more quiet type, must have had a few MIZUKO around cos he looked like the bad ass type that went after young local girls, banged them and made them pregnant. The part about the old guy is speculation by me and some others : Everybody has a different opinion on the Seta couple, their activities and their perverted habits. We know that ‘Opinions are like ass holes in that everybody has one’. Some even have two and some got their ass holes widened from being banged in the arse. Just like the opinions I keep on hearing every time I ask a different person about the SETA SATSUJIN JIKKEN.

I used to love to pass by their property. Beautiful old majestic trees where all sorts of birds sang, insects chirped and the whole view was enough to make a GAIJIN imagination run back to Meiji period. The main gate, always chained, too was unique pseudo European.

For me a touch of corrupted history. A fat cat too was often looking at me from inside that gate every time I took a pic of the it in a different season. Never as much moved a little bit. Just staring. Gossip goes that the cat died in the inferno that proceeded the murder. I got pics of it -the cat I mean.

But there was a white cat , that often followed me every time I passed by and went on stalking me up to the main station ( Naka Itabashi ) as if it had something to tell me. Once I reached the station area, it just sat in the middle of the alley and watched me going about my life. As time went by, I found that the local sushi shop, a local virago house, a barber and who knows who else, owned a cat like the Seta white one. They all shared the same looks except the Seta cat (SETANIYAN) as I called it, had almost humanoid features and almost every time I went by, it followed me from not too afar till the same spot, the alley by the station. The Sushi shop cat I named SUSHINHIYAN, the old virago’s SHINNHIYAN cos the virago name plate started with a SHIN and the Barber’s NOCCENHIYAN because it was in a barber shop and the famous opera, Figaro the barber of Sevilla title in Italian.

SETANHIYAN, I found out to my delight, is still around and has a smaller version with it. Although the area stank of burned wood and more for months – still does – yellow ‘Do not cross’ police tape is everywhere and in need of replacing. SETANHIYAN doesn’t stalk me anymore although he approaches me and meows too. Maybe it was trying to tell me about the murder…

The SETA had official property from their house to Ikebooo station everywhere to the value of 90 OKU yen. Parking lots, buildings, some not in prime real state but well placed. The area from GEKIJO DORI till KANAI KUBO in Itabashi was the scene of the pre-war black market. Yakuza controlled. Use your imagination and it was ten times worse that you imagine. The SETAS took, filched and threatened their way around like the Komiyas and other now big fat landlords in my area. Families were literally wiped out during the Yankee air raids, some were Korean of origin and Hinin or ETA too. They were exterminated by the KEMPEITAI long before the yanks decided to torch EDO. The SETAS as the good hyenas they were, just registered the properties, bribed a few OHYAKUNIN and lived happy ever after until someone, I suspect, with a thirst for revenge or just greed, murdered them. How much of the stash they took out of the Mayhem, not even the cops, if they know are telling. A few million were left behind according to newspapers and the locals.

The property all is there. The other estate, not to mention the one I am not including here that goes all the way to Kawagoe doubling the sum I mentioned before, are still there BUT who is administrating it all? What will happen to the fortune? Some say the Itabashi Ward in collaboration with the Tokyo Government ( Ishihara Shintaro the depot ) including are wriggling their paws in anticipation. ( TEMOMI 手もみ) in Japanese. Pity I am not a tenant of the SETAS or I would stop paying the rent and see who’d show up to collect.

Can’t let it all go like that into the Cold Case cardboard box to grow dust. The Statute of limitations means just that : It fills up buzzards like SHINTARO‘, Itabashi and Toshima Wards fat cats deep pockets. SHININ NI KUCHINASHI ( the dead don’t talk ) is the all too popular creed scumbags use and they often get away with murder, LITERALLY. The blog novel I intend to publish monthly, I am hopping to wake the ever too silent but very curious public interest in the case. ZAPP the media and cops awake . I only fear that, like has happened in the past, the cops and the Koan etc., will lay the blame on some poor innocent bastard like the ASHIKAGA murder case, just to satisfy the public and the MoJ ( Ministry of in-Justice ) quotas but what has to be done has to be done. After a lot of thinking, the right way to do it is to write the SETA MURDER – Ask the cat … Blog novel. It will be my way to pay back to SETANHIYAN for not having heard it’s pleas BEFORE the murder happened.

I am a one legged GAIJIN with a conscience. The worst kind. If the REAL murderers and their accomplices in the POLICE and other PUBLIC SERVICES will be even more rattled it is worth the effort. Animals and plants of all sorts will be the main whistle blowers in this comedy mystery novel. From crows to snails, trees to wild plants, stones and even houses will be the WHISPERERS and guides to the real culprits. A sort of WATERSHIP DOWN fable. Fiction or non-fiction, parody or pure finger pointing, it’s all up to the imagination of the few that will read the monthly rant.

All depends on the guilt some might feel, causing FEAR because inside us, we all have ( Not me I hope ) a ‘ I should have seen it coming and did nothing about it guilty conscience.

>Poah Poah Jimmy



Sounds familiar. Dis-Abilities too started like ol’Jimmy boy.

The founder of Dis-Abuilities, a cripple himself, started a NPO / NGO organization to ” HELP ” the disabled three decades ago.

He used the Waseda University Volunteer spirit that is typical of that University and had many of the volunteers do menial jobs for the disabled. He served tea and cookies for the volunteers and a pat on their heads. Meanwhile he gained hold of data base from hospitals , Social care workers, the disabled themselves, the Ministry of Health and ever so slowly started to sell dead stock wheelchairs and many other tools to the Disabled he was ” Helping ” out.

The next thing you know he had the disabled WORKING 12 to 14 hours a day, slaving for small pay. Since those days and now too, the registered handicapped have no jobs that are taken by the fat assed abled body hyenas. Unless you connected like that blind rat that got to check my prosthetic leg that could even see which of my limbs had been chopped. The right or the left ? Below or above the knee? The sneaky weasel asked me.

I gave him the wrong information and he took it in full. Heard that he got the sack not long ago. No more mister Maggoo at the metropolitan gulag in Toyama Shinjuku ward. Good f$%king riddance Jobs like siting on their asses all day picking a phone, minding a library counter, working in hospitals admin desks, that implies no foot work whatsoever and of course the city ward offices, metropolitan government offices, etc., the handicapped busted their balls slaving for Itoh the Dis-Abilities founder.

These days , Dis-Abilities has more than 300 employees, 30 % underpaid, Karoshi syndrome suffering handicapped. Makes trillions a year selling old dead stock or unchecked for safety goods. It organizes trips abroad for the disabled, has ” specialized ” holiday homes all over Japan, Hawaii, etc . Itoh and his family are super loaded and have a vacation place in Karuizawa, Nagano pref , and more places abroad I won’t bother to tell about. Karuizawa the place where fat cats and white color scumbags get houses to bang their lovers and boyz.

The ex-minister’s, Pigeon Mountain, scare crow mother even has a big place not far from the Emperor’s bordello with tennis courts, where a few months ago that Gook Female bomber that massacred more than 200 souls on board of a Korean Airlines plane two decades or so ago was given royal VIP treatment on a three or four day visit to Japan just for the hell of it. The bitch got off a chartered ANA Cessna and was escorted to and fro under J secret service goons on a 160 kilometer per hour convoy to Pigeon Mountain’s s$%thole to meet the parents of the kidnapped by North Korea and give them the same bullshit tale they have been getting all these years.

” Next time , I hope to come to Japan and enjoy the Cherry blossoms “, that f$%king assassin said as a farewell comment.

Dis-Abilities is getting richer and their service, not too good from the beginning of the NPO / NGO sham days, is getting worse. The staff , like for instance at MAC JP are trained to con us and not to give a flying f$%k for the living dead.

Jimmy boy said he used 20,000,000 bucks per year and 5o slaves to sell what he was given for free. Needless to say most of that info is a load of lies. He takes no responsibility for the consequences and torment caused by Wikipedia misinformation. Blow Jobs stevie does just the same every time a ” new ” gizmo kicks the bucket. Now he is getting out most probably and before going on the lam, he wants even more freebees : MONEY. That Cabaret movie song comes to mind while I am writing this . ” A buck , a yen , a mark or a pound , money makes the World go around “.



How about this? ” Buddy, before you take a powder with those deep pockets of yours full of gold, CAN YOU SPARE ME A DIME ?”


>From The London Times: A Well-Planned Retirement


A perfect example of government mismanagement.

Outside England ‘s Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years,it’s parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were for cars (£1.40),for buses (about £7).

Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn’t show up; so the Zoo Management called the City Council and asked it to send them another parking agent.

The Council did some research and replied that the parking lot was the Zoo’s own responsibility.

The Zoo advised the Council that the attendant was a City employee.

The City Council responded that the lot attendant had never been on the City payroll.

Meanwhile, sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Spain or France or Italy … is a man who’d apparently had a ticket machine installed completely on his own and then had simply begun to show up every day, commencing to collect and keep the parking fees, estimated at about £560 per day — for 25 years.

Assuming 7 days a week, this amounts to just over 7 million pounds … and no one even knows his name.

>A simple enquiry turns up a scam


Shipping2Australia email…

From: Shipping2Australia [mailto:info@shipping2australia.com]
Subject: Shipping2Australia.com Price Quote

Thank you for requesting a quote from Shipping2Australia.com. We will contact you shortly with a shipping quote based on the information you provided in our online form at Shipping2Australia.com.

We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware to the fact that not all shipping companies deal with an honest work ethic. Especially if this is your first move, make sure to get all offers in writing and to read any contracts carefully. This can prevent situations from occurring, such as the shipping company asking for more money once you have already begun your move.

Any price quote you receive online or over the phone should always be viewed as an estimate.

For an accurate quote, a representative of the shipping company should personally view the site to be moved.

There are many factors that can affect the actual price of your move: which floor of the building are you located, is there an elevator, or how close can the moving truck get to your site.

Best of luck with your move,




THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS, there are no Mac creative products at all.

The very few Mac products on sale both in the net and in the so called shop are absolutely crap. The iPad cover I initially bought got dirty easily and an oily, greasy film always stuck to the iPad itself. The cover didn’t perform most of the functions announced and no mater how much I cleaned the screen, once I closed it and put it in my bag, it was always dirty and gooish. Couldn’t take the iPad out easily and broke up in a sweat till I finally made it. Ended up using a bandana or small towel to cover the screen from the cover or no way, it always ended up oily and dusty no mater how much I wiped it.

MAC always has a caption in every corner of their Internet shopping web. In a nutshell it says that MAC doesn’t take any responsibility for product sold in their own iTunes and web THAT weren’t made by MAC.

If you wanna bitch and rant about bad quality, go to the original maker DUDE!

I HAVENT SEEN THAT WARNING IN THE SHOP, NEITHER IN JAPANESE NOR ENGLISH NOR SPANISH!!! That would be a too honest a thing to do of MAC wouldn’t it? The word HONESTY simply isn’t in MACASS policy. GREED and DECEIVE are!!!




Not-so f$%king Genius Bar is there to correct and help the client, my cripple ass.

The client thinks it’s buying SAFE goods. PRESTIGE.

The client is being conned into assuming so. SCREWED.

IT TAKES NO GENIUS like the name 2nd floor implies, to con desperate clientele that simply are dumb founded and in shock when they find out their computers, their iPods, iPhones are total crap. No difference from the DELL s$%t the Aum Shinrikyo used to openly sell in Akihabara and Shinjuku electric towns. So far I haven’t heard of them Dells to have caught fire.

The iMac I bought in 2003 overheated and no mater what Softmap did to repair it, for free, it completely died. I was naive in thinking that it was a rare happening and didn’t give hell to MAC about it. Now I only got the outer shell hoping one day that it might become useful as an ant farm stand. MAC SUCKS. Abuses it’s clients. Cons them into a fake sense of security and in the end abandons them in a labyrinth of heresy.

Genius Bar staff are trained to con the client into admit wrong doing, to take the rap for the faulty products they trustingly bought. Some or most of them worked hard to buy a Mac. They end up buying a ticking bomb. Genius Bar schmucks aren’t engineers but dummies. They pass tests on how to con the client, not how to REPAIR the gizmos. That would be too honest of MAC to admit their products are plainly Made in Chinaland low quality products. Press, guide, brainwash the clients into thinking THEY f$%ked the gizmo. Make the client either pay for ” repairs ” or completely DUMP the reject and go for YET another gadget upstairs. If that isn’t a scummy scam then give me a better name to call that rigamarole. It still is and will be a scam in the end.

So EVERY time I or anybody else buys a gadget from MAC shelves we better put our s$%t together, turn the product up side down, check reviews and do a lot of considering before we decide to take the risk. By risk means from a crappy iPad case full of gooish oily patina to an iPod that, if we lucky, only burns a hole on your desk or in your pocket or shoulder bag during your rush hour commuter trip.

Mac should furnish tiny extinguishers with every f$%king gadget it cons the clients into buying. Only there wouldn’t be any guarantee the damn extinguishers would tease the fire the more instead of extinguish it. WOULD THERE? A bucket of plain water standing buy your gizmo is what I would recommend but not too smart an idea since it uses electricity.

So , don’t buy ANY stuff on the spot just because MACASS staff smooth talked you into doing it like the long haired beach bum / pimp on the Cube first floor seems to be extremely good at. There is YET another buzzard that looks like a fat dirty beach bum with messy dirty hair and roving eyes too that is infamous for conning punters. Both of them are sharp enough not to approach me. Instead I get Twaty beginners like the fat gaijin cow on the fourth floor that knows NOTHING about what she is talking about and tries to sponge the little know how I possess.

The Cube is a f$%king thieves, scammers DEN and mark my words, S$%T WILL HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER! Silent lambs will turn into wolves and sue MACASS en mass.

Already this Summer, not so genius bar saw a big turn out of unsatisfied, noisy and VERY short tempered clients and most of them KNEW what they were talking about when pointing their fingers at the gizmos. The silent, meek Jap client is no more and as time goes by the stooges at genius bar will be sieged with a wave after wave of unhappy punters.

I strongly recommend these people to take their crappy products FIRST to the main CONSUMER COMPLAINT OFFICE in Shinagawa BEFORE you go to the genius bar. Idabashi office is a lazy, nose picking bribe taking rat hole. GO to the Shinagawa headquarters. They can’t give you the run about like IDABASHI does. Don’t call in advance. JUST F$%KING GO! Laziness is what makes MACASS stronger and richer and by reporting the s$%t to SILLY-C$%T VALLEY, all they do is cover their asses. NOT to give you satisfaction.

You are dealing with con men and don’t you forget it. Stay ahead of the game IF like me you can’t switch to another company computers.

I know I am hooked BUT it doesn’t mean I am brainwashed nor a wimpy miserable coward.

Ya hear that BLOW JOBS STEVIE ?!?!