>Mac ipod death threat


Check out this website and woe is you if you leave your Mac gizmos charging overnight.
While you’re at it, check this one out as well and see how the world is spying on you:
Keep watching boys and girls and I’ll tell you soon all about the latest cover-ups from Mac in Japan.

>GUMP again!


Early evening I went to buy some stuff at the KOMBINI and my elbow started to tingle: a sort of floating feeling came to my head. Time to get the camera ready when that happens.

Sure enough, there it was .

A fat woman was texting frantically on her cell phone by the building where the dried out old woman body was found. She had the same features as the dead virago so I waited and watched her.

Along came the guy in a cheap striped polo shirt and they went to the little Tokorozawa number car to pick some papers. Turned out to be envelopes with either gift coupons or cash.

The guy was doing the typical rounds around the neighbors to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the poor virago’s death, as Japanese tradition demands and as if it was the poor old woman’s fault to have died and dried out for at least three months until yesterday when someone found the body.

The place has rooms for rent and the real estate agent knocked on the first floor door to get the OK from the dead woman since officially she owns the building and one thing led to another…Will ask more about that to the Sakaya old guy when occasionally I happen to find him outside his shop. The 100 yen parking and the small building were placed there a few years back to replace the whole clan old house.

Fat cow and her brother neglected the old woman (their mother) so long as they were getting their share of the benefits from the neglected 100 yen parking lot and shitty fake brick building rentals. The whole affair was hushed up cos if anybody hears that there was a stiff found there after being left to dry and rot and become maggot food, NO Japanese will want to rent a place there or the ghost will come by.

The place is cursed .

Japanese law says the people interested in renting a place where either suicide, murder, natural death OR there is a Yakuza who happens to be living in the building, the real estate agent and landlord HAS to inform the interested parties of the events. Failing to do so, s$%t is suppose to happen. Refunds and apology money are the most common way of apology. Rarely the new tenant will sue them in court. Too ghostly to do so and the bad publicity will ruin the landlord and the neighborhood. that‘s what I did in a loud voice when decided to purchase the DEN in court. Ended up buying it dirt cheap. Ain’t I a bastard? HeHeHe.

The dead don’t talk (SHINI KUCHINASHI) the Japanese saying goes. Thus the two fat slobs are going around giving gift coupons to key people to shut them up. Incidentally just about a year ago, a mental patient from the near by asylum ran away and climbed onto the building roof next door and dropped his to death. Yours truly has pics of the cops coming and going that day. As usual.

SHINI KUCHINASHI ” it might be the motto , BUT this one legged Gaijin ain’t dead YET , has a big mouth and will blog the neglect case for prosperity. I hope the Virago’s ghost appreciates that and torments them fat sh$%s till the day THEY too will croak and go to HELL!!!

F£$king cops too are in on it since all was a hush hush gig and a super-fast recovery of body (I still remember the bones underneath the blue plastic sheet being hauled into the meat wagon).

The CHONAIKAICHO (Neighborhood association big shot) also got a visit from the fat bastard in the stripped Wal-Mart shirt while fat c£$t was texting away ‘Yes I take it the mouth’ to her loverboy.

Wonder what will happen next.

LOL !!

>Shi nin ni Kuchi Nashi 死人に口無し


The Dead don’t talk.

In fashion with my GUMPish life, yesterday around 9pm the building next to mine had one of those A la Mode cases. An 85 year old woman croaked sometime last Spring and her mummified body was found by one of her relatives that was wondering why there was no contact from the virago for ages.

The white van is the Meat wagon.

Cops are used to that sort of find it seems cos you can see that there were no flashing lights and everything was casual. The old woman often wandered around the neighbourhood mumbling and owns the small building you see next to the 100 yen parking lot. Demented or not she often said hello to me and watered her plants, swept the pavement and keep the gomi in order. In the summer time she sat on the stairs eating water melon watching the traffic going by waiting for death to take her. I can only guess because I was at same eye level or got different aura she always said Konichiwa or Ohayo to me. I sort of feel sorry I only stuck to the ‘Hello’ pattern too…

Itabashi has 130 elder people with more than 100 years of age . Makes the ward second in in Tokyo in that case. The old guy I often discuss Bell Crickets with , he has 105 and is as tough as old leather .

Japan officially has 17 people over a 100 years old that ‘Disappeared’ and the family is still getting their pension money. This is the official number, but in a country with more than 40,000 centenaries I am sure the real number is in double or even triple. For the tax office to allow my disabled miserly pension of 80,000 yen per month and other delights like free gas coupons and free car taxes etc., they checked me so much that the Gestapo pricks would be impressed. Not only that but I get a ‘probation officer’ monthly visit for one hour with same shitty questions or no ‘privileges’. The Care Manager (as they are called) get good money, for visiting me and sending a ‘care plan’ every month to the Health Ministry goons. I often ask her if they still think my stump, diabetes, kidney malfunction from malpractice, diabetic eyes and general wreck is fake. Am I a lizard man where my limb grows fast and I chop it off AGAIN just to see her stupid moron face every month? Still, Wada the ‘probation officer ‘ is not bad. Tasaka, the previous one, was a liar and a f$%king demented c$%t. I had to get rid of her and drew heavy blood from her to make my point.

These hyenas keep on getting pension money for decades and the f$%king City hall NEVER ever sent someone to shake the old geezers hand and ask if he or she are doing well.