>Post Koizumi hangover .


Jap government says :

Go on minions .

Go and f$%k your brains off . Make babes cos Nippon has not enough of them ( ? ) and for each brat that the TWAT wife , concubine , daughter , even granny pops out you gets an allowance so that you can waste it at the local Gook pachinko parlor and get home frustrated , drunk on cheap crappy beer or Chu-Hi and and gobble salty grub thelocal supermarket’s Chink grown nasty Veggies and whatever that ” great country ” disgorges here in the Zippangu archipelago , to beat or get beaten up by wifey regularly and even screw your own daughter for good measure if the mood happens along since incest is looked upon as a ” shit happens ” accident …

” If a picture is worth a thousand words ” that one says it all . Tired and dried out 30ish TWAT hauling three brats , groceries , while equally dumb 11ish year daughter stands by without even trying to haul mommy’s groceries .
To me a slummy nightmare since I got to wait and let couples hauling 6 years old twins , sometimes older , on enormous over priced American / European brand buggies ( the one on the pic is the cheapest I could find in my
photo collection ) holding up train stations elevator traffic when everybody knows that the brats SHOULD walk instead of letting their arses fatten up and bones grow hollow and weaker cos of no exercise , on my wheelchair out in the cold or heat . worse still in dire straights cos I need to take a leak and the wheelchair accessible facilities are far and as often happens , one or more of those brat hauling moms are inside cuddling or even breast feeding their little monsters . They got nowhere else to do that simple and natural action here in EDO at least .

Worst comes to the worst I get a hobo reading his news paper or Manga while sitting and taking a dumb guzzling cheap booze cos the toilet is roomy and got lots of nice gadgets . like a nice wide sink with hot and cold water faucets where the Kojiki ( homeless ) can do their basic laundry and wash their hair .

We all know too that the couple in the pic will end up throwing one of the brats out of the buggy and fill the sit to the brim with shopping bags , alternating one of the brats with the other on the other sit . All these nightmarish actions happen in twos and threes cos them f%&king enormous buggies always come out of hicks vile Saitama /Gumma in convoys . Hub areas like Ikebukuro , Shinjuku and the sewer rat malodorous Shibuya ( most of them brat popping twats are ex-yamamba garu and hubbies , street Pompiki selling sex for all ” fashion health ” joints met their twatty wives there ) , get jammed on weekends . Every disabled and non-disabled individual worth his / her salt AVOIDSthose areas like the plague on weekends and national holidays ( Japan has almost as many holidays as Italy lately ) . No wonder the Chinks are taking over , they over work their slaves to the brink of Karoshi suicide and cheap labor while Japanese mass produce weak spoiled brats and feed , dress them on Made in China crap .

I hope that one day this madness stops and Japan somehow wakes up to become If Not The number one economy again , at least a more common sense and steadier society .

But I guess it is like waiting for my right limb to grow back .

I’m relieved to know for a fact , that I at least , am NOT

” MADE IN CHINA ” . Touch wood .