>Here is how you catch people selling fake watches


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 01:13:07 +0900
Subject: [Contact Metropolis Classified Ad System]: Diesel Men’s watch,

From:Tony Katawa

Hello , Saw your ad in the Metropolis website . If you still have the watch for sale could you send me a picture of it ? IF I decide to buy it , what is your suggested procedure ? Hope to hear from you soon . Regards Tony

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On Feb 23, 2010, at 4:54 PM, cherry blossom wrote:

Dear Tony,

Sorry for my delayed reply.
Here is the photos of the watch.
The only thing you need to do before delivery is to give me your address and full name.
Then, I’ll arrange delivery. You can give the fee (11000yen, shipping and handling-fee included)to the delivery person.

If you have more question, please feel free to ask.
Thank you.


To: stealthetartsnow@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 21:25:17 +0900

Thank you for replying .

The watch looks the real McCoy and I would be interested in it ..
Final questions would be ;
Could you scan and email me the Certificate of Authenticity as soon as possible . Tonight would be swell .
Last question is does it come in a box and a guarantee ?
Thank you for putting up with my questions .
I do want to buy me a watch and was going to do so tomorrow .
Hope to hear from you tonight ..
Thank you for your kind attention


On Feb 23, 2010, at 11:18 PM, cherry blossom wrote:

Hi Tony.

Unfortunately, I can’t do the things you requested but can do them tomorrow morning.

Hope you still have an imterest so that I can send you another email tomorrow morning.


Date: February 24, 2010 11:38:00 PM JST
To: cherry blossom cherryblossomjp@live.co.uk
Subject: Re: [Contact Metropolis Classified Ad System]: Diesel Men’s watch,

Please define ” Tomorrow Morning ” mentioned TWICE in the email below.


Thu 25/02/2010 23:47

That’s it T
Will buy me a watch similar to the one you seem to have BUT with the assurance and the paper work proving it is authentic ..
I might have been a fool in taking you for an honest person and should have known better .
Metropolis never disappoints me ; A mag where sleazy balls sell their fake Chink / Eyetalian crap and more ..
Will blog your emails and ad to warn others ..
Little wonder Cherry Blossoms suck.


>Reply to Glenn’s Gripe 4


Vancouver itself is also like a volcano trying to look dormant but in fact is a hysterical disorganized city trying really hard to hide their crap from the outer World and getting nowhere with it.

It’s a nice place to take long walks because most of the public buses drivers were really rude a$$holes. When I went there in 2005, I was suffering from gangrene in my right leg and took some time to get off the bus. No longer than a regular elder person, but I mostly got the door shut on my face and more than once had to get off next stop . The drivers wouldn’t give a f$%k about me.

So, instead of walking to the driver and knocking their Indian turbans or undoing their butch hair, I took to walking to and from the hotel and in the cold and rain it was a really painful experience. My hotel was fine but the food per se around the city was hard and salty. Most young guys and women had hard protruding bellies which is a sign of not have had a proper s$%t for weeks. The food wasn’t easy to digest and even I suffered from a blocked intestine until one day I drank so much milk that I simply blocked the toilet with hard stone like s$%t. It was horrifying. I had to call the hotel staff for help because I couldn’t get all that stone hard crap down the drain no matter how I tried to flush it out. An Asian guy came by with an impressive plunger and worked miracles with it but not before I broke the tank’s lid trying to stop the water from overflowing all over the floor. A humiliating situation and the very first for me, but that guy was used to it and was casually competent. It made me go on a crusade around Vancouver’s suburbs looking for that particular plunger but without success. Imagine Narita’s retarded customs twats asking me what that thing was for… creepy.

The weird thing too was that mostly young females had protruding s$%t filled stomachs and didn’t even try to keep their navels covered on the cold November days. Together with really big round arses or no arses at all, carrying a fag and stumbling along in drunken stupor, it was a nightmarish vision from Hell to me and I suspect they need to visit the doctor often for laxatives, BUT when I visited Boots in the central area, sure enough a rather wide section was dedicated to laxatives and milk like bottles for heart burn. I too started to suffer from heart burn and bought some, but the sticky strawberry like taste hid the chalk flavour and I gave up trying to combat heartburn with it and took to the candy like stuff being sold in the same Boots store.

In a nutshell, VC sucks and some guy I met here that had returned to have his liver and knees fixed told me VC was the main port of entrance for heavy drugs that were lately being smuggled into the States every hour by car. A guy called Howie I used to see should know all about it being an ex-Hells Angel himself and a real alcoholic delusional SOB. He lived here for more than a decade and was a fixture in the Shinjuku Dubliner’s and sleazy piss alley nearby because as time went by and his alcoholism increased, he took to carrying cans of Chu-hi in his working brief case and kept on guzzling them more and more as the day went by. By the time he popped in the Dubliners he was already zonked and since he had a nasty temper and carried a punch he scared the punters s$%tless.

Somehow ol’ Peter and I never got abuse from him and he could be a charmer too. His Coca- Cola bottle-lens like glasses made his eyes look enormous and most people at first took him for a real geek. They soon realized their mistakes when Howie started to get drunk and challenging them to arm wrestling that quickly led to obscenities and a shove or two – believe me, nobody wanted to get a shove or a cuddle from Howie. His alcoholism led him to become even more delusional and he got the boot from Sofia University which is a notorious shit hole for gaijin losers and there are a lot of horror stories about sex for graduation points tales, etc. It reminds me that any religious related schools or Universities should be shut down. Sofia U. makes Nova, Shane and Interact (Mormon owned) look like a f$%king nursery when compared.

But that’s another story.

Anyway, old Howie remarried with a nice Odawara lady who had two lovely kids, lived with her family and never had a hole to hide in that house. Even his computer was according to him, in the kitchen / dining room. He being an introvert, he really had to drink even more of that cheap poison (chu-hi) to alleviate his stress.

Now, Chu-Hi I got hooked on for a year before deciding to kill myself in Paris. A sweet but addictive concoction and when mixed with gin and Okinawan Lemon it really carried a punch. LOL and to think I was in the same pits as Howie or Jeremy the slush, worse still a drunken obnoxious Scott nicknamed Mad Jock (he raped and beat up women and was working as a sort of solicitor for construction companies because he always got fired. I forgot the real name that job had – purveyor maybe), but anyway it really drove me nuts with the pain from gangrene and the fact that I was no better than them losers and bring scared shitless of docs and injections, gave me the final solution: go to Paris, get a Walter or a Belgium FN from my FFL pals and shoot myself.

One thing led to another and Howie’s liver gave up the ghost. He was broke, his wife and parents were fed up with his bouts and his little delusional compulsive money borrowing or crap cheap scams and if not for Peter he wouldn’t have made it into that airplane to Canada nearly dead and on into rehab and AA group therapy and his miracle like recovery. A tough old rascal Howie is. ” Too tough to die ” he likes to say. Soon he was out of booze but not out if his delusional scams and he targeted Japanese female losers that came to Canada to look for absolution and hopefully find a Kanuck stupid enough to take their scarred carcass. Howie was and is the perfect buzzard for these run-out losers and he started his ” koko dake no hanashi ” scams all over minus the booze – I hope.

I used the excuse to go and visit Howie for old times’ sake but was scouting the area to terminate my equally screwed up life, unsuccessfully.

VC was no place to croak.

It pi$$ed me off too much. If it was a peaceful place I might have done it. The Ainu here in Hokkaido connected me with natives generically cousin like tribes and they would sell me a 12 gauge should I decide to blow my brains out. As soon as I got out of that airport, I took the public shitty Bagdad like stinking bus and true to its nickname I had given it, it straight away blew its engine and a rear tyre right before leaving town. F$%king incredible weird situation it was. We had to wait in the cold sleet for another bus to arrive. It was 40 minutes late and then both drivers chatted and looked at the blown up engine that not only blew black smoke but old mud all over (got pic to prove it ). I suspected the VC official public bus company never ever bothered to clean or overhauling the fucking engines of the mud that had accumulated for years and that caused the old piece of junk to blow up.

But why the f$%k it blew when I got onto it, is still a mystery to me.

Anyway VC is no heavenly place for the weak and suicidal like yours truly. That and more as time went by made me decide to return to the Land of the Unrising Sun and target Paris, the dark city of light and dog pooh infested streets to terminate myself .

But that’s another story .

>Glenn’s Gripes 4


The Olympics.

It seems to be now that the Olympics, be it summer, winter or special, has become not so much of a greatest in the world competition but more of a greatest country in the world competition. That’s all well and good if it was fair but quite simply, it isn’t and it won’t be until the Olympic committee equalize the number of competitors for each country represented.

Currently in Vancouver there are 200 US athletes competing against 204 Candaian athletes, 99 Norwegian, 160, Germans, 96 Japanese, 50 British, and 4 Armenians. As it stands, the USA is currently leading the medal table with Canada and Germany close behind and I’m willing to make a bet with everyone on Facebook that Armenia won’t win the medal tally this year. At the FIFA World Cup Finals, the countries are not allowed an unfair size of squad advantage over other countries and the same should be of the Olympics.

Three ways of correcting the balance for this are:

a) Limit the number of competitors for each country and specify that any country participating must supply that number of athletes or

b) Divide the medal tally by the amount of competitors sent or

c) Divide the medal tally by the population of the country

Any one of these methods will give a more accurate representation of the country/medal ratio. It would also bring to the fore the achievements of the poorer countries that are present and distribute Olympic funding more fairly.

But until Europe and the USA release their stranglehold on the Olympic Committee I suppose that’s never going to happen is it?


>Time For Action


Since you sleaze haven’t moved a finger and kept on making fun of me, here is the registered complaint finally accepted by the ward office and Tokyo welfare ministry: Check complaint serial numbers and stamp.
Next I will demand that ALL ETAC Swift Shower Stools and all of ETAC products be recalled as well to be tested by REAL experts on the basis of this 28 page official complaint. Simply put, the stools are too unsafe and are now recognized as dangerous items to be sold to the disabled and the elderly here in Japan – Taiwan too have shown interest. Of course your boy friends at Sagami Gomi will be wallowing in the same cesspool as ETAC’s.
A hearing by Welfare Ombudsmen will be scheduled soon and it will be public, avidly followed by the J media. I will put it all on Youtube. Keep on hiding under those bed covers with your Malay whores for all I care. You were right , this is no war game.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you sleaze balls well in advance.

>ETAC and Co : The Final Countdown


You have taken me for a ride long enough.
I will treat you like the disgraceful human scum you are.
Be seeing you sleaze balls around.
On Feb 8, 2010, at 5:06 PM, S.Igarashi wrote:
1、quality managerとは誰のことか。
上記の件について、再度エタック社へ確認 しております。
エタック社より回答が入り次第アントニオ様 へご連絡申し上げます。
相模ゴム工業㈱ ヘルスケア営業本部
五十嵐 慎一
Tel 03-3417-0811
Fax 03-3417-0816
—– Original Message —– From: “ak.57”
To: “S.Igarashi”
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 11:52 AM
Subject: アントニオです
Mister Igarashi,
You and Sagami Gomi are even worse liars than ETAC.
IF, you think I will let this harassment and たらい回し go unpunished YOU are all wrong.
ETAC / SAGAMI sold me faulty unsafe goods. You both lied and continue to lie.
I will visit as many disabled / elder exhibitions as I possibly can and show visitors WHAT Sagami Gomi and ETAC are REALLY selling the consumer. I will be around your stall and tell everybody what you truly are
The days when hyenas like you could go unpunished because the disabled were and are still treated as minorities are numbered.

>I must have been born with a gift.障害者を馬鹿にするな!


A gift I didn’t know I had until nearly 53 years later.
I wish I had found out about it earlier although I got often hints from my dear Patriarch, the Jesuits at St. Joseph’s and many others like the Yakuza and now the medical tools and bath room utilities makers.
The Jesuits used to say after I went on a rampage “Lawd I never saw anything like this.” I seem to be the FIRST at everything, good orbad. Mostly bad I think. Bad for them, good for me.
Etac was the key to the invisible Pandora Box I didn’t know I have carried for more than half century on my shoulders. The Swede kept on telling me that the Etac stool I’d bought was the VERY first case in ETAC’s history. Later he admitted that that was not so…
The case is still pending of course, until,again forthe VERY first timein history in this country’s welfare system, a one legged barbarian will parade the stool in front of ETAC’s / Sagami Gomu stalls during the many coming exhibits planned for this year. Rest assured ETAC, you’ve now got a new partner in sin; DIPPER HOKUMEI of Osaka. They too, just as the K.L. Swede resident and liar-in-command of the ATAC region, just told me on the phone that in HOKUMEI’s history annals there was NEVER a case like mine. NEVER a guy named SATO said (could be Smith for all I know, just like the delivery trucks for the Black Cat courier, etc have fake names written on the back such asKimura Takuya or Shimura Ken, to protect the driver from the many unreported hit and runs. SATO being one of the mostcommon names together with Katoh, Saito, Tanaka etc, my Sato also STINKS ), I also noticed thatthe SATO I talked to had a cat purr very typical of the Yakuza before pouncing on their prey and therefore he also has a short fuse.
My type of guy SATO is.

SATO stinks because he treated me like a retard from the start. He said “HOKUMEI desu” and repeated that name until I equally purred and asked if HOKUMEI was his real name after a few seconds of hesitation he told me his name was SATO not related to the A-hole SATOTAKAHIDE that installed the ill fated New Kometo (New Comet ?) bar now in my bathroom.
Total: This SATO Stinks. NAMETORRRU (f%$king with me,with a purrrr) .
So I asked the key question very slowly; Should I apply for the Guinness World Records as being the very and only guy to have gotten a f%$ked up New Comet up my cripple ass (try to say that with a purr). I told SATO to write what he said on the phone EVERY SINGLE WORD and to email it to me. He agreed. Can’t wait to see that mail!
SATO also said, like ETAC, to let him take the bit for evaluation from HOKUMEI’s Experts. That rang alarm bells cos LILLY the insulin company took my blocked syringes and NEVER gave me a genuine report either apart from two new syringes and a paper in f$%ked up English that they claimed was written by Lilly experts in France. There was no name of the so called experts, no letterhead AND no returning the blocked babes either. Got the meeting on Video …
Then there was the SPUR wheelchair (400.000 yen ) I bought from DisAbilities. In less than a year the front wheel fork disintegrated and when I told DisAbilities to get me a new fork, they tried to milk me for 5o.000 yen for a pair (I refused of course) and gave me the same BS about letting their experts check it all out and find out the reason. That was two years or more ago and still no report, etc , etc …
Don’t want to put you asleep Father, but don’t you think it’s about time God woke up from his eternal content fat cat slumber and helped me and others even more in need? At least Satan took my limb instead of my life (He said “There ain’t no place in Hell for the two of us”) and let me live to be given the runs by hyenas like these. These parasites DON’T test their stuff. Why should they? All they gotta do is use us the disabled as guinea pigs and suckers cos WE are paying for getting our arses full of shards or break our necks in the bathroom like it would have happened to yours truly if I haven’t noticed the damn chinks or heard the stool cracking in time.
Why test them babes? Easier to bribe Health and Welfare Ministry leeches to propagate these death traps around Japan. “SHININ NI KUCHI NASHI” – the dead can’t talk – is another Yakuza term, but it’s as International as the words Whore, Thief, Scammer, Scumbag and more.
Gift or Curse: you ask God when and if ever He / She passes you by.
Yours Truly
Kachidoki in Tokyo

>Four Weeks and Counting


Dear smörgåsbord dumb arse,

You dumb swedes don’t get it ?

You gave me an initial spin about the type of f$%k up never to have happened in Etac’s dark history. Then you tried to get my info about the other people that contacted me about faulty products by your company and THEN simply told me to f$%k off and take it all in the ar$e by admitting that this is NOT the first time trouble with the stool ever happened, then dumped SAGAMI’s clowns with an unsupportive run about evidence of all other s$%t you fabricated and declared to have tested, anything but the same SWIFT SHOWER STOOL I bought.

A lookalike shit bucket chair you are dumping in Australia BUT none of the same stools like the one I so trustingly bought and you still demand I go and bug your sissy boy friend’s a£$e and let you and that bitch sales manager go on eternal maternity leave?

The prima donna act is not working much at all is it?

Why then if you are such a clean pink a$%e boy, did ScamAsia remove my protesting comments faster that the stool broke? Got anything to hide boy?

All you got to do it to give me the plain naked truth with detailed history of the Stool, NOT crap like you have been giving me and your latex rubber sex toy boy friend’s company. They will be taken care OF Japanese style but it is ETAC I want to get to where it belongs:


So, don’t cry wolf and stop bullshi££ing me, cos this one legged disabled dude is not senile nor dumb like you Swedes which after the Poles are world wide famous for. Get out of that Metrosexual Malay brothel and give me the truth, f$%k face.

Remember, Tick-Tock-Tick the clock is running.

AK.57 in Tokyo

>Swedish Blogs


These are the comments I logged in the ScamAsia Mag that were ERASED as soon and ETAC’s goons found them.

I am a claimer and if I am wrong why did ETAC erase these comments swifter than the Swift Shower Stool cracked?!?!

What do they and you got to hide from?

The TRUTH, it’s the obvious answer.


私がSAMScamAsia Mag)に投稿したETAC製品についての苦情は、即座に削除された。


(Translated by Atchan )

Sweden’s ETAC Launches Products For Disabled in Malaysia

A Swedish company that develops home care products for the physically disabled and elderly, will officially launch their products in Malaysia for the first time in Southeast Asia March 15.

13.03.2006 | Satirat Dam-ampai

ETAC, a Swedish company that develops home care products for the physically disabled and elderly, will officially launch their products in Malaysia for the first time in Southeast Asia March 15.
Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd will be ETAC’s local partner and sole distributor in Malaysia.The objective of the co-operation is to transfer ETAC’s experiences and knowledge in the assistive device field and to make ETAC’s product concepts and standards easily accessible to the Malaysian consumers.
The event will be hosted by the Ambassador of Sweden, Ms. Helena Songeland, and the CEO of ETAC, Mr. Fredrik Anjou. The product launch will be honored by Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek, together with several CEO’s of Malaysian hospitals and health institutions.

Original news source: http://www.swedenabroad.com

All previous news..

Reader Comments:-

F. Antonio Ferreira :

Dear sirs ,
By having their products fabricated in Malaysia , ETAC simply furnish us here in Asia with faulty goods like my Swift Shower Stool turned out to be .
Pinang Medical Supplies greedy as they are known to be soon found another western company ( CROCS ) and ETAC products , that were supposed to supply the Malaysian market as stated in the article above , are getting the end of the stick .CROCS too were the cause of toe amputations and other accidents here in Japan it turned out to be a real CROC of S#it .
The Swift Shower Stool , I so trustingly bought here in Japan cracked after less than two weeks of use , nearly causing me painful injuries had I not stood up on my only one leg in time , I would get shards stuck to my arse .
When asked why a supposedly safe , durable and secure ETAC item cracked so fast a mister Jamtin , After picking his nose for a couple of weeks , started to give me the run about with ” NEVER in the history of ETAC Swift Shower Stool history ever happened such a thing . We are astonished , blah , blah ” . After pressure started to build he admitted that my complaint wasn’t the first and still keeps on giving me bulls#it tales in the hopes I will just take it all in the arse and go away .
IF ETAC didn’t join Pinang Medical Supplies and kept on fabricating the Swift Shower Stool in Sweden under tight supervision , there would be a chance that I wouldn’t get the piece of crap stool I got .
Pinang Medical /ETAC / CROCS and more are indeed a sleazy CROC and here I am now without a stool to shower on and getting more crappy mails from Mattias Jamtin and his equally sleazy bed partners in Japan SAGAMI GOMU .
I wonder how many poor bastards with shards swift Stools in their arses are getting the same copy and paste lies I got ?
ETAC sold their Pride and soul to Pinang medical Supplies no doubt about it .
ETAC and it’s weaselly staff are the disgrace of the human race .
Antonio Ferreira , Tokyo










(Translated by Atchan)

Posted Date: 2010-01-25 19:00:18

Sweden’s Design Urges Malaysia to Innovate Based on Consumers’ Needs

On 28 May 2007 Henrik Otto, Head of Global Design for Electrolux Group was a key speaker at the Swedish Design and Innovation Seminar in Malaysia.

29.05.2007 | Newsdesk

Designers should look into consumers’ needs and not rely purely on the technical idea of designing a product that does not fulfil their needs, says Henrik Otto.
He said the approach taken should start with what consumers’ need and that any innovation should be of help to them
The designing of a product should solve the user’s problem in the first place, he told reporters after the launching of Swedish Design and Innovation Seminar which was graced by the Ambassador of Sweden Helena Sangeland.
The main aspect of designing a product is to look at its comprehensiveness, and its ability to help consumers use it, he said.
Meanwhile, Malaysia Design Council Chairman Datuk Dr Ahmad Zainuddin said Malaysian designers should be given a wide opportunity to express their ideas and recognised for their works.
“Although we have a sufficient R&D in the industry, the focus must also be on design driven innovation because without design we will not be able to sell and capture the market especially at global level, which is very intensive. Products that sell are actually products that appeal to users,” he said.

All previous news..

Reader Comments:-

F. Antonio Ferreira :

What a CROC of S#it .

You guys should check ETAC’s stuff fabricated in Pinang Medical Supplies Malaysia that were dumped into the ATAC region , as far as I am concerned .
The Swift Shower Stool I purchased so trustingly here in Japan cracked within less than two weeks of usage and I am being given the Run About by ETAC’s front rascal Mattias Jamtin and Sagami Gomu a producer of condoms ( favored by Nigerian drug mules for their toughness ) here in Japan .

Quality means nothing to the ETAC and Pinang Medical cartel let alone all the BS you writing in the article above .

How about DOING a REAL a job for a change ?

” 貴殿におかれましては、マレーシア ペナン社で製造されているETAC社の粗悪品スイフト・シャワー・スツールの安全検査をなされますよう進言いたします。ATACにふさわしからぬ製品だと考えます。




(Translated by Atchan)

F.Antonio Ferreira , Tokyo

Posted Date: 2010-01-25 21:47:32

Disabled To Benefit From Swedish – Malaysian Tie Up

Etac, a Swedish company engaged in marketing home care products for the physically disabled and elderly, has appointed Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd as its sole distributor in Malaysia.

19.03.2006 | Charlotte Donvang Parks

Mr. Teh Teong Er , Director of Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd and Mr. Frederik Anjou, Managing Director of Etac with staff enjoying the comfort of their wheelchairs at the launch in Malaysia.

Mr. Teh Teong Er , Director of Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd and Mr. Frederik Anjou, Managing Director of Etac with staff enjoying the comfort of their wheelchairs at the launch in Malaysia.

Minister of Health, YB Dato’ Dr. Chua Soi Lek (left) and Mr. Teh Teong Er testing a walker and walking aids  during the official launch of the new partnership between Etac and Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd.

Minister of Health, YB Dato’ Dr. Chua Soi Lek (left) and Mr. Teh Teong Er testing a walker and walking aids during the official launch of the new partnership between Etac and Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd.

Etac announced the new distributorship March 15 at a gathering at the Swedish Ambassador’s residence in the presence of the Malaysian Minister of Health, YB Dato’ Dr. Chua Soi Lek. Numerous guests from organisations supporting the disabled also attended.
Mr. Peter Beckert, Etac’s director of purchasing said that in partnership with Pinang Medical Supplies, Etac is aiming to provide greater independence, freedom of movement and wider choice for the physically disabled by introducing Etac’s products in Malaysia. With over thirty years’ experience in the field of assistive devices, Etac’s vision is that ‘Everyone should be able to live a free, independent life and pursue their dreams, regardless of their physical circumstances’.
Though Etac’s products pricewise are at the higher end of the Malaysian market, the company believes that they can achieve a 15 percent market share within three years.
“We are launching a number of product categories new to the Malaysian market which could make it a little harder to penetrate the market and to compare market share but we are very confident that our partner Pinang Medical Supplies have the experience necessary,” Beckert said.
Director of Pinang Medical Supplies Teh Teong Er is looking forward to the cooperation and shows deep respect for Beckert’s knowledge of the Malaysian market. Beckert previously spent 1992-98 in Malaysia while working for Ikea.
A major focus of the cooperation is to transfer Etac’s experience and knowledge in the field of assistive devices, offering an alternative product concept and standard.
Frederik Anjou, managing director of Etac in Sweden joined the launch and proudly stated: “The shared vision with Pinang Medical Supplies, their market knowledge and established distribution network throughout Malaysia will enable Etac to have a presence and provide good service to customers in Malaysia. This is the first country for us in South East Asia with a sole distributor. We are looking forward to working together in the years to come!”

Original news source: ScandAsia

All previous news..

Reader Comments:-

F. Antonio Ferreira :

” Disabled to benefit from Swedish – Malaysian tie up “


This disabled IN Japan didn’t benefit from the” Swedish – Malaysian tie up ” .

More like the ” Swedish – Malaysian F#CK UP “.

The Swift Shower Stool fabricated by Pinang Medical Supplies that I bought and cracked in less than two weeks , must have been fabricated while the ditto company , supervised by a Swedish TWAT ETAC quality manager , must have came out of the production line just when the very same Pinang Medical Supplies key staff AND TWAT quality manager were on a cruise with Pinang’s female staff in their new bed partner CROCS yacht .
Meanwhile , I and I bet other disabled punters get screwed and are given the run about by Mattias Jamtin the dumb blond horny toad in K.L.
Why couldn’t ETAC – Pinang Medical keep their crappy faulty stuff in the Malaysian market ( like this very web site cited in their March 13th 2006 short fuzzy article ) , instead of dumping the products in the Japanese and other APAC region countries ?

Mattias Jamltin and the other sewer rats involved in the sham I got news for you ; this disabled is not like silent lamb waiting for the slaughter house gates to open you assume all Japanese to be .
I lost a limb on that chopping board NOT my damn mind .

I want proper answers not childish lies that so far I have been getting .

” ETAC – Pinang Medical to benefit from Swedish – Malaysian tie ( f#ck ) up ” SHOULD be the proper title .

Or this Journal of yours should be retitled ” ScamAsia ” .

” ―障害者を食い物にするスウェーデン=マレーシアの提携―







ETAC―ペナン医療はその名称を変更するか、あるいは、このウェブマガジンの名称を” ScamAsia ” にするか、どちらかにするべきだ。” (Translated by Atchan)

Antonio Ferreira in Tokyo

Posted Date: 2010-01-25 19:47:09



>A lot longer than two days


The TWO DAYS you wrote about have turned into weeks.

Are you Swedes that dumb you can’t count?

You certainly got the traits of a sneaky weasel by thinking that all disabled are easy prey. Re-read what you sent me from the start and try to use that rusty grey matter you are supposed to have in your knocker. Until I get the truth about that f$%king crappy stool I won’t give up rattling your golden cage.

Meanwhile as time goes by, more people read my blog. I already got a few interesting emails from Australia…Most of them express surprise at your stupidity when they read what you wrote in the first three emails and what you wrote afterwards. Others introduced me to some people that got faulty ETAC crap and were given the run around like you are trying to give me.

There is only one truth and you are trying hard to hide it – The Swift Shower Stool, made in Malaysia is a f$%king lemon, a piece of crap.

Malaysians are third World creeps BUT if ETAC had a REAL quality manager there checking those stools and other items as they came out of the conveyor belt instead of being somewhere holed up with Malay broads or boys in sleazy brothels, I and others wouldn’t be getting s$%t low quality garbage like happened and you, Sandra, etc would never have heard of me. Sweeter still, you all could go on screwing the disabled around the ATAC region specially with the impunity you ( ETAC ) and Pinang Medical / Crocs crave for.

)) AK.57 ((