>My reply to ETAC’s cop-out


It’s NOT for you to tell me what to do.

The root of the fuck up is your company and your arsehole brothers in Malaysia.

You have been sending Sagami crappy useless info that has nothing to do with the Shower Stool and lies like Swift and Crocs aren’t being fabricated by the very same Pinang Medical.

You lied from the start when you declared that Etac NEVER heard about the Swift shower chair being faulty and then, when the s%$t really smeared your dumb Swede snout you said just the opposite.

The TNO report is another sham.

No pictures of “before/after impact on the dead stock material you stuck in there (2007) NOR the Swift Shower Stool I trustingly purchased. The Swift Bath/Toilet Chair that I bet you, Sandra, your bosses and the Pinang Medical Hogs use to eat from, IS NOT the Stool I nearly got my arse shred to bits from. That half-assed report was given to the greedy Pinang pigs before Etac went to bed with, NOT after it and then again there is NO SWIFT SHOWER STOOL OR SERIAL NUMBER IN IT!! The important real sensitive stuff is NOT in that so called report either. “Available upon request” means that if the schmucks notice those missing details and request them, Etac will be forced to provide them with the hidden facts.

The Pinang Medical hogs had their piggy slits they call eyes so full of greed and knew of the coming new bed partner CROCS that didn’t give a CROC about important details either.

They never meant to do a quality job. Why should they? What do you expect from military induced fat rats that are tearing acres of rain forest per year and killing Orangutans by destroying their habitat to satisfy their never ending greed?

No wonder other items like wheelchair rubber parts, including tyres have been falling apart. Those tyres soon go to shreds because the rubber quality has been dwindled to furnish those Crocs that last year here in Japan (ask your boy friend Murata the snitch) were the cause of numerous accidents including people losing their big toe while ridding escalators at train stations and department stores.

Then the Chinks made bootlegged CROCS dumping them at 10% the inflated price Malay CROCS were initially selling for.

It is a dog eats dog World out there.

Which reminds me, I already paid a visit to a CROCS empty shop here in Toyosu, Tokyo and asked certain questions to the staff. They confirm that CROCS are indeed a CROC of s*&t and the J public have been buying safer merchandize elsewhere. That is why Sagami is asking if Etac/Crocs are fabricated by the very same Pinang Medical. They know that if the J public find that out, and they will thanks to yours truly, Sagami is gonna find itself in deep shit. They didn’t like me mentioning that Sagami Condoms are considered safe by Nigerian Mules and fill those condoms with heroin, swallow them and smuggle them into Japan.

The J Public Security Police ( Koan ) has reported that and it is an open secret between the J Media. No Mule would use crappy toy thin hymen like condoms sold by ANY other maker. Those condoms break easily resulting in the loss of Millions of yen to the scummy Yakuza drug lords here in Japan and the supplier in Asia . None but the SAGAMI CONDOMS: the mules can testify to their quality.

Lets hope that Sagami doesn’t decide to have them fabricated by Pinang Medical or a ripple effect will happen and them horny toads will get VD/AIDS faster than your pals. On the other hand, if Sagami does get their condom made by Pinang then them Nigerian/Ghanian mules will die like the f$%king vermin they are.

That is a relief.

So remember that, when you banging or get banged in the arse by your boy friend Murata and other BFs furnished by Pinang, to use SAGAMI condoms! Bet you get a good discount too since you and Sagami are pals.

Sagami are as dumb as you and ask even dumber questions that you, of course will keep on denying like long ago when Sweden was kissing, and is still is kissing NAZI arse, by deporting Jews back to Poland and denying it all. Just recently the Auschwitz infamous gate sign was ripped off by three Swede Neo Nazis.

Etac is a candidate for the TWAT NOBEL PRIZE and I will write a letter recommending it as a so.; with you as the receiver of course.

I am not as dumb as you scum expect us here in Asia to be. Sagami IS not I…

Besides that, you promised to answer ME not go around and get your boy friend Murata the snitch to continue your run about bunch of lies. No point in you burying your cowardly empty head in your favorite hole hoping that s$%t would not smear you because I WILL get to the heart of the matter, like it or not. Try to clean those spectacles of yours of the blood spilled by other poor disabled silent lambs and read the writing on the wall. You, that pregnant Sandra , the Pinang Hogs and anybody else in cahoots with ETAC, I am not going to take your crap until Etac comes up with the simple and only TRUTH!

The gloves are off.

From now on I will fight dirty till the TRUTH pops out from that sewer hole you Poxy rats are hiding in. You scum can run BUT you can’t hide.

I intend to come to this year’s ALTENFLEGE in Hannover and of course haul the stool with me and show it to EVERYONE in there. NHK is there and they will focus on my pledge. Imagine an amputee foreign barbarian on a wheelchair carrying a cracked stool made by Etac all the way from Japan telling and showing your emails. Die Stern Mag and Disabled organizations will be impressed. HCR Tokyo and Osaka will have me there hauling the stool and your archenemy LARC has shown interest to the point they will pay me a visit next week to interview and view the stool.

Sagami better open their eyes cos their booth will have me there from morning till night showing the stool, the emails in Japanese from the entities that checked the stool already and a few more tricks.

You, you dumb Swede managed to piss me off and the fun HAS just begun.

Very sincerely yours

Tony Ferreira in Tokyo

>A Cop-out email from ETAC


On Jan 23, 2010, at 6:20 PM, Jämtin, Mattias wrote:

Hello Antonio,

Please use the normal claim process, i.e. you need to correspond with our local distributor in Japan, Sagami.

According to them, they have been in contact with you and given you the answers provided by Etac. Please raise additional questions to them and we will provide answers to them in order to give you a proper answer.

Can you please tell me if you want to achieve anything with this other than just sending emails to Etac calling us bad names? All your emails makes us kind of confused.

From now on, please correspond to your local dealer or directly with our distributor in Japan, Sagami.

Thank you, Regards

Mattias Jämtin

>My reply to ETAC’s Japanese supplier email…


Mister Igarashi ,

Please send ETAC’s emails and any other stuff concerned with my supposedly trouble free, non-claim, heavy duty and long lasting SWIFT SHOWER STOOL they (Etac) might have sent you in E-N-G-L-I-S-H – Just like I told you during YESTERDAY evening’s long phone chat.

I want to see to believe .

While you are at it, I want to know why your so called Sagami Gomu experts you told me would check the stool themselves , are non-existent and for how long has Murata Nootsune been snitching on the whole case? How much is he getting on the side , or is he doing it for pretty young boys Mattias the Swede seems to like?

Why, if you are all innocent and honest do I have to put up with your and that bunch of Rats Etac’s lies and sham?

Can’t you all read the writing on the WALL?

The writing simply says “While I am alive and kicking DON’T F£$K WITH ME” . (オイラ生きてる間なめるな). Failing to do as I told you to do or wrote , will mean that you are as scummy as Etac and the difference between you and Etac is that you ARE at an arm’s reach.

HCR and Osaka Exhibitions are part of my yearly crusade . I will bring the broken stool and parade it in front of the Sagami Gomu / ETAC stall and will happily answer any enquiries that might pop out of any visitors . I bet they will be very curious …



>Back to ETAC

>I received this…

On Jan 22, 2010, at 4:25 PM, S.Igarashi wrote:










・リポート内にある、「スイフト」はトイレット シャワーチェアであり、アントニオ様の購入したシャワーストゥールとは違うものである。



・リポート内6/25ページのテスト項目の[NOT APPLICABLE]はどういう意味なのか。


[APPENDIX C DETAILED TEST RESULT]1925ページ〜「5.5」、「6」、「16.1」、「23.1」および「23.3」の詳細について確認が必要。








相模ゴム工業  ヘルスケア営業本部

             五十嵐 慎一

Tel 0334170811

Fax 0334170816



I don’t know what it means either because as I told them on the phone I DON’T READ JAPANESE!!


>The Kazamidori


This now coffee house , restaurant used to be a live house bar in the old days.

Kazamidori was where I met underground characters before I started my binge nights around Ikebukuro or met future clients to hear their cases and see if it was better they used a shyster lawyer nearby to help debt collecting, or trouble shoot their troubles OR use my superdupper methods.

Kazamidori used to be a cozy place with candle light burning on every table from old wine bottles with wax spilling out. The smell of tobacco, the whispers and murmurs of parties of all kinds of work and levels. The Yakuza were there as were, pimps, whores, couples on flings, CID cops on the prowl, artists, musicians, rich, poor and sober teetotallers sipping heavy Turkish coffee. Iranian drug deallers before going to the Otsuka station square where an Afghani in cahoots with Marudani, the ex-Savak cop turned J police snitch along with a Alal food shop, supplied them with heroin. Skunk came by to bid their goodbyes to their Venezuelan , columbian whore on the beat in Shin Okubo while the Iranians pushed drugs around Ueno station.

This fauna all came by to find a neutral place before or after their own private battles while listening to some music played by mediocre equally drunk and melancholic guitarists or trumpeters and low key singers, doing their gigs mostly for the hell of it or cos it was too cold or raining outside. The owner, Shinozuke, kept an invisible tight rein in that place and never once, at least while I was there, did I see a fight.

A haven that is now long gone and only the melancholic come by to have coffee or eat shitty grub before going their way home or to the soapland area behind Tokyu Hands where there is still a sleazy nomiya enclave back from the old days. Kazamidori was indeed a cool bohemian joint. I heard Shinozuke retired to Hawaii with his long-time flame, a black black woman from LA.

Wish I could find his whereabouts and kill the ghosts with him…

>Memories of Stones and Bridges

>In Tokyo, here and there, between tall super modern ( and not that modern ) buildings, I often find strange stones that are there without any apparent reason whatsoever. These ones are where Sugamo prison used to be.

Not far from these , yet another and far more infamous stone stands where the girder / scaffold used to hang criminals, especially convicted war criminals ( like former Prime Minister Hideki Tojo ) . Engraved on the back of that very same stone an inscription is engraved “Never again” and a much longer inscription I can’t recall right now . On the front of that very stone a much more simple engraving says ” For Eternal Peace ” . It is right next to Sunshine60, a building that was named according to a general believe that criminals were hanged every morning the sun shone . The 60 simply means the floor count . In popular modern lore , the area is rumored to be haunted .

A far more discreet stone is situated at Yoyogi Park near NHK and I sometimes sat there teasing other NHK personel on their way to NHK from Harajuku station and vice-versa .

Still these stones to me emanate a strange well-being and I often sat on them drinking sake or wine in the nights I was doing the “hashigo (step ladder)” or all night drinking. Kachidoki bridge was one of those power spots where I drank all night around Ginza and the neighborhood like the not so far docks which is now an over priced sky scrapper area, empty and lonely.

I got food from Tsukiji market a few bottles of booze and climbed to the top of the metal bridge, watched the sun come up and Tokyo becoming alive. Now Kachidoki bridge is still there but thanks to my leg and age I can not climb it nor observe Toyosu, the ex-merchant docks now turned sky scrapper ghetto, nor the doctor I used to bang that came around 8 am from St. Luke’s hospital and picked me up half drunk , full of tsukiji sushi. She took me to her apartment and we always had our regular rump in the hay. Then I slept and by 3pm went to Ginza East to do some work or scouting at Magazine House or Dentsu .

Those were the days I was content as a cat must be after it ate the canary and I had quite a few canaries to eat from .

>Two days have gone


Hey there Svenska a$$ ;
You can’t keep a simple promise nor tell the truth even once.
How can you shed crocodile tears and expect respect without earning it like everybody else?
I guess that hopping for a miracle is not possible with sewer rats the likes of you, your fat cats in Sweden, the military buzzards controlling Pinang Medical and your J boyfriend and snitch Murata Naotsuke here in Japan.
People that are following my blog simple wrote “You really didn’t believe that rascal did you ?”
Being the usual old fashion sucker I REALLY hoped that there was a tiny wee bit of a decency trait in that soulless carcass of yours OR at least that somebody in your crappy company had and pressed your snout close enough to the dung pile you often tread on and make you do a decent deed for a change.
You and that cartel of yours are the disgrace of the human race.
Yours very sincerely


>You and Sagami’s Murata amongst other parasites are EXACTLY what we younger generation of people with disabilities here in Japan are getting together to get rid of.

For too long other poor souls have been made fun of and treated like minorities to be hidden, used and sucked out of their hopes, health and wealth thanks to crap like yours AND I am not talking about the damn shower stool only.
You and your military Malay boyfriends can shove your dead stock up where you shove your rubber bed toys. No more silent lamb like disabled waiting to be pushed into slaughter houses.
Impolite? You haven’t seen nothing yet ” Dear “. Did you expect respect after the lies you’ve given me and God only knows how many other poor bastards with Etac Swift Shower stool shards up their miserable arses?
You copied and pasted the same prima dona crap you shamelessly sent me and keep on sending ….
Two days you say?
Tell me ” Dear ” , why does it take that long to copy and paste the next bunch lame lies? Going on a cruise with the Pinang Medical in that Crocs yacht? Or help tearing down more forests and shoot a few Orangutans for trophies perhaps?
That cesspool that maggots like you wallow in stinks to high Heaven.
Impolite you said ?
You a f$%king disgrace to the human race. Forked tongue et all. ” Dear “.

>The ETAC Saga continues

>By saying ” I didn’t mean that you are the only case ” you mean that I won’t be able to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the only case in that crappy Swift Shower Stool made in Malaysia???

Now you’ve pi$$ed me off!! I haven’t entered in contact with that p$%&k Murata at all – HE BARGED IN UNINVITED with the person I DID ask to come. As it was freezing outside I let him come in my entrance area.
I see that that snitch broke the promise NOT to contact your K.L. brothel till Sagami’s so called ” Experts ” gave me an opinion too.
You, your dumb Swede pals and malay military Pinang ” Medical ” creeps think you are smart and that I am playing games – you are f%&king wrong. You shouldn’t have gotten the pictures I took till I was satisfied with your sham. Sagami kept on saying EXACTLY the same lies you did and still are: that they never had a claim like mine, not even once. So did the woman on the phone : she claimed that the seat was unbreakable and would last for at least five years. I taped the whole conversation and today’s circus too. Tomorrow I will take the seat to the Consumer complaint desk and am going to raise a stink.
Let’s see what the Media in that grey country of yours, Australia and other neighborhood countries will do when I am I disclose your whole crappy sham. Etac has turned out to be a bunch of sneaky crooks selling low quality stuff hand in hand with that CROC of shit Pinang Medical bunch of goons.
While I am at it, I will take care of Murata’s hearing too.
I can see that you and snitches like Murata are sharing the same Rubber toys in bed.
F%&king bunch of leeches feeding on others misery, that is what you are .